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In an effort to bring attention to the incidences of child abuse and neglect in our county, GCJFS will be holding our 6th Annual Chip-Timed, USA Track & Field Certified - 5k race.

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The focus will be on improving overall fitness levels, maintaining a strong healthy body and working on postural imbalances and increasing core strength.

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Emerging readers and their families have yet another reason to visit Geauga County Public Library.

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Over 100 children benefitted from this program in 2014.

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Newbury Local Schools Superintendent, Mrs. Michelle Mrakovich, kissed a pig

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“We were really proud of how the students came together as a team to satisfy all of the requirements for the Rube Goldberg contest,” says teacher Sharon Cassavecchia.

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Space is limited to the first 60 participants who register.

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At “Mornings with Mom”, students enjoyed refreshments and spending time with their moms and on Sunday, moms spent the day with their sons bowling at Freeway Lanes in Mentor.

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Did you know that almost everything in life can be considered a math problem?

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Each Friday of Lent, the St. Mary Banquet Hall buzzes with excitement as preparations begin to open the doors for the weekly Fish Fry event.

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Imagine you are an 11-year-old child and you are responsible for finding food to keep your family alive.

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Who needs Florida when you can escape through ART! So why not go on an art vacation?