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To settle the Estate of Arlene Phipps Popelka, this three bedroom ranch with full basement, two car attached garage on one acre, will be sold at public auction

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Chagrin Falls High School students and teachers are actively planning a trip to Johannesburg at the end of the 2015-2016 school year.

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It's that time of year when shopping for unique handcrafted wares of local artisans abound. Plan on attending this Nov. 1 event!

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There are still two ways you can place bids on these beautiful rain barrels that local artists and groups have creatively painted.

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“Customers drive from Akron and other locations, not just near Chesterland, to eat at the restaurant. It’s the greatest feeling...”
Halloween PArty

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The party will begin at 7pm. Live entertainment will begin at 9pm. Come dressed in your best costume for a chance to win the costume contest.

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Jayce Hein chose his hometown to celebrate his first album release. See photos of last night's performance!

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“At Ryan Heating & Cooling Inc., we treat your home as we would treat ours. Our main goal is to keep our customers happy.”

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With the exception of youth programming, all Observatory Park programs this season are free to attend without registration.

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Don't miss this annual event with raffle items, delicious food, entertainment, conservation awards and more.

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Don't disappoint that furry best friend of yours. Let him enjoy one more hike in the beautiful fall air!

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The S.T.A.N.D and Shield programs have allowed students to promote an overall environment of tolerance, peace and acceptance at St. Mary School.