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During the Internship Program orientation held Tuesday, May 12 at Kent State University-Geauga, the placements were announced and students, parents and employers all had the chance to meet.

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Each day of the week had a different theme and students could choose whether or not they wanted to participate.

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“I was very proud of myself. I had fun doing more research on the topic.”

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Pictured are second grade students, Aria Payne, Myles Temesi, Jacob Nieset, and Geneva Turkish with Father Weber. On May 17, the second grade students...

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Come explore the vendor’s wares and discover a hidden treasure. Local shops will also have special sales and events.

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Start the summer out right with a family-friendly campout adventure at Big Creek Park!

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“The evening was so amazing and it was fun to have time with just our sons.”

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Here is a recipe that will make your Memorial Day dessert selection the envy of all.

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It’s picnic and cook-out time! Looking for a great side dish to take to the next gathering?

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His science project, titled “Bending Electrical Time,” received a Merit Award from Ohio State University

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First and foremost, Memorial Day is a day for all of us to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we, as Americans, can enjoy the freedoms of our nation.

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The persistence of Geauga's brook trout to become Ohio's only remaining population is an amazing saga of Ice Age origins, snow belt climate and bedrock geology.