10 Ways to Warm Up the House Without Cranking the Heat

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The wintertime is magical. However, alongside the beauty of snow, and the charm of a chilly stroll, comes the frustration of warding off chills during the times you just want to stay warm. With the absurd costs associated with constantly cranking your heater during the wintertime, it can be useful to tackle alternative methods to staying comfortable. To help our readers out, we have put together this list of ten ways to warm up the house without cranking the heat:

1. Keep the Door Open While Showering

Steam builds up the entire time you are in the shower, providing most of the warm and cozy heat we associate with the activity. You know how steamy your bathroom remains long after the shower is over? If you want to apply some of that heat to the rest of the house, simply start showering with the door open.

2. Provide More Insulation

Insulation is one of the best and most affordable ways to invest in making your home warmer long-term. Properly done insulation will even help you save on energy bills in the future. After you’ve installed it, you will immediately realize just how much warmer your house has become.

3. Flannel Sheets

One of the most frustrating times to be cold is when you’re trying to sleep. The linen choices for your bed covers are extremely important when it comes to keeping warm at night. Flannel sheets are perhaps the best option for providing a cozy base, so invest in some alongside a thick comforter today!

4. Keep Unused Rooms Closed

Heating becomes more expensive if you have a large home. If you have all of your home’s doors open constantly, this expense continues to rise. By keeping unused room doors closed, you will save a ton on heating costs. Additionally, you will make your home much cozier.

5. Caulk the Windows

Most people will rarely use their windows during the cold winter season. Due to this, caulking unused windows can provide huge savings on your energy costs! With fewer areas available for heat to escape, you will be able to warm up your house much faster and more efficiently. With the dirt-cheap costs of caulk, this is perhaps the most cost-conscious option on this list as well.

6. Use Draftstoppers

The small gaps between doors and the floor allow a lot of cold air to come in from the outside during the cold winter season. By using insulated draftstoppers, you can greatly cut down on the amount of freezing drafts you have to deal with throughout the day. Additionally, make sure to check out guides for making your own homemade draftstoppers if you want to save a few bucks!

7. Put a Hot Water Bottle in Bed with You

This technique comes from way back in the day. By finding a properly insulated water bottle, and filling it with boiling hot water, you can make toe-warmers that can be safely placed at the foot of your bed. No longer will you have freezing feet at night!

8. Leave the Oven Door Open

Winter is the perfect time for cooking delicious food that warms the soul. From pies to pizzas, you will most likely be cooking more frequently than any other time of the year. After you’ve finished your delicacy, consider keeping the oven door open for a while to help warm the kitchen and rest of the house up. If you’re lucky, this will also add a delicious scent to the house as well – for extra coziness.

9. Close the Curtains at Nighttime

The curtains you use have a lot to do with how easily heat escapes from your home. If you want curtains that will help contain the most heat possible, you need to invest in the thickest thermal curtains you can find. By doing this, you will block out the winter drafts that sneak through windows more effectively, and allow less of your precious heat to escape into the window panes and beyond.

10. Bundle Up!

By far the simplest suggestion on this list, but by far one of the most effective as well! Simply layering yourself to be warm and cozy throughout your home is a great money saving effort. After all, who cares if you look like a giant bundle of cloth in your own home? For an ultimate feeling of coziness, warmth, and wintertime feels, start bundling up to your heart’s content!

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