Art-Based Education Blossoms at MC Studio

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While the arts were once thought to be activities to keep children entertained, research to the contrary is in. Studies reveal that social and communication skills as well as the regulation of emotions benefit from arts participation. Furthermore, math, science and literary skills are positively affected by engaging with the arts.

Hours of creative expression. The result? Meaningful and varied learning experiences for kids in the quiet of G. Carline Exline, affectionately known as Miss Car, mixes her personal passion for art with these kids in Geauga County. And this is no cookie cutter solution.

Exline is the creative power behind the MC Studio smARTs Enrichment Center. Tucked near the center of Burton Township, this brilliant gem offers inspiration and individualized instruction to children ages 2 to 92, living inside and outside the county borders.

Who Planted the MC Studio Seed?

Exline’s lifelong interest in the arts led her to practice and study art from an early age. This passion grew through her teaching experience at Fairmount Center for the Arts. Soon it led to the opening of A Garden’s Way Gallery, an art studio and gallery, in 1999.

And the dream continued to blossom. Offering preschool classes in 2009, Exline’s little studio became known as MC Studio. Today (since 2014), this growing enterprise is licensed as an arts-based child care center offering day care as well as before and after school programs.

Through art, gymnastics and academics, Exline seeks to reach each child individually through hands-on activities, “inspiring creative genius”. Her credentials back up her passion. With an associate degree in art and child development psychology, Exline continues to build her expertise with study in education at Ursuline College, Leadership Geauga qualifications, USAG coaching certification and appointment as the president of the Geauga Council for the Arts and Culture.

In recent, exciting news, the state of Ohio asked Exline to publish and present her curriculum. An honor and stamp of approval, this request further supports the value in the big lessons and learning environment being shared in this small Burton building.

What Lays Within MC Studio?

Step through the doors of MC Studio and you are greeted by a home-like setting filled with color and opportunity. Themed learning centers, a kitchen, couches and tables, an art space and an indoor active area hint at the offerings of this arts-based facility. Plus, an outdoor play space encourages interaction with nature and opportunities for free play.

Preschool smARTs

The Studio offers Preschool smARTs for children ages two to five years old. This program complete with Dino School, a social skills program, teaches through creative connections and active participation. Children learn (at their own pace) “reading, writing, science and math through art (of course) but also music and creative movement”.

Before and After School Programs

MC Studio’s before and after-school programs for Burton school-aged children include pick up or drop off with breakfast or a snack. Plus, movement, creative projects and socialization create an exciting schedule for these young learners. Care on school holidays (except Thanksgiving and Christmas) is available with advanced notice.

smARTS Camps

Winter and spring breaks along with the long, lazy days of summer present the perfect opportunity for Exline and her staff to inspire kids. Themed, week-long camps keep kids active, entertained and learning even when school is out.

But There’s More

MC Studios is the ideal spot to host a sure-to-please birthday party. With art and creative activities, Exline works around your theme. At Kids’ Night Out, pajama-clad little ones join the staff for dinner (kid-approved), art, a movie, and of course, popcorn!

What Keeps MC Studio Growing?

Of course, the children and adults participating in MC Studio offerings are the heart of this studio. However, high-quality programs often require additional funds. Parents donate to keep the studio functioning at a high standard and expanding its options and reach. This family investment also illustrates the value of MC Studio.

Events such as Smudged, a “Fun” raiser also support the facility. This art show turned fundraiser promises fun and prizes for ages 10 years through professional creatives. A concession stand, Chinese and silent auctions and a kid’s activity room round out the day. Watch for details on the Fifth Annual Smudged, hinted to be an artistic twist on the cooking show, Chopped.

Believing that everyone has artistic expression wired in them, MC Studio offers plenty of opportunity to explore this side of your humanity. Art, workshops and special activities open the creativity in babies, children and adults.

Win a Free Art Lesson With Miss Car!

Click the link in the Geauga News Facebook live video description about MC Studio to win a FREE personal art lesson for you and a guest. Miss Car will spend time with you and your child, spouse or friend. You are sure to discover the creativity lying within and come to understand Miss Car’s passion.

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