Rachel Strong

Rachel has been a life long resident of Geauga County, currently residing in Chardon. Rachel is the co-owner of Little Acorn Media which operates positive local news in Geauga, Lake and Portage Counties. Rachel is passionate about connecting good people in our community with good local businesses by giving them a voice to showcase their products and services. In her spare time you can find Rachel walking in the Geauga Parks taking photos of nature and posting them on Instagram.
Berkshire Band at the Band O Rama

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The Berkshire High School Marching Band perform at the fairs Band-O-Rama.
Berkshire Parade

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Berkshire High School Marching Band parades down to the Great Geauga County Fair before the Band-O-Rama.
Berkshire Badger Football Team

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Meet the Badger Night was held on Wednesday August 28 at 7:00 pm.
Family Day

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Not only is it Labor Day but it's Family Day at the Geauga County Fair
band-o-rama day

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Band-O-Rama ~ Rooster Crowing Contest ~ Truck & Tractor Pulls all on Sunday at the Fair
Apple Pie Day

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Don't miss the Apple Pie Auction and the Demolition Derby.
Senior Day

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Free Admission to anyone age 65 and Older and All Veterans
Berkshire Varsity Football

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2013-2014 School Year Berkshire High School Varsity Football Schedule
Youth Day

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Traditionally, the Thursday of the Great Geauga County Fair is known as Youth Day.
Creekside Lawn Furniture

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At Creekside Lawn Furniture, you can choose from Swings, Gliders, Chairs, Tables, Benches, Refreshment Stands, Potting Benches, Adirondacks, and more.
Geauga Farms Country Meats

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She emphasized how important it is to support local farmers and agriculture by buying produce, eggs, honey, and meats. I don’t know why this didn’t make sense to me before, but now I have made a commitment to buy local from Geauga County.
Kids Eat Free at Danny Boys

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Kids Eat Free Every Tuesday at Danny Boys.