Badgers Defeat Black Knights in Local Battle

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Badgers Score Big for a Perfect Homecoming Night

Homecoming parade

It was a perfect fall night. A slight breeze, the cold was just the right amount for hoodies and jackets and the leaves were falling all around us. Not to mention, it was Berkshire’s homecoming game! The sun was starting to set as the parade headed towards the field. The court circled the field while photos were taken and the students cheered. (The king and queen would be announced at halftime.) Once the last car pulled out of the stadium, the teams ran onto the field with their fight songs blaring and with the smell of baby powder in the air, it was time for kickoff!

baby powder

Newbury was set back to receive the opening kickoff. With a short kick, they started off the drive on their own 45 yard line. Keeping the ball on the ground, they managed to run 6 minutes off the clock, but unfortunately they weren’t able to put points on the board. With a failed 4th down conversion, Berkshire took over the ball at their own 30 yard line. They marched down the field and Ben Blechschmid finished off the run with a 3 yard touchdown run. Jacob Hanson sent the ball through the uprights and Berkshire hit the board first with a score of 7-0. With both teams running the ball, the momentum was fast and the quarter ended with just one touchdown.

To start the second quarter, the Badgers had the ball on their 34 yard line. It didn’t take them too long to score again. This time, Gordy Cossick connected with Blechschmid for a 58 yard touchdown pass. Hanson’s kick was good giving them a 14-0 lead. Cossick wasn’t done yet though. About 10 minutes later he sent another pass for a touchdown. It was a 10 yard toss to Mitch Freeman for the score. Hanson sent another kick through the uprights making the score 21-0. The Black Knights ate away the last 6 minutes of the half marching their way up the field, but the clock ran out before they could get to the end zone. The whistle blew ending the first half and the teams headed to the locker room while the Newbury marching band hit the field.

Newbury Band

After Newbury’s band entertained the crowd, it was time for Berkshire High School to find out who would be their 2014 Homecoming king and queen. The candidates were escorted down the field by family and friends and were handed a flower as they passed under the archway. The flowers would reveal who won. The secret was, the color was hidden and they weren’t allowed to open them until it was time. If the student revealed a purple flower, they would win the crown. The announcer told the court to reveal their flowers and the king and queen were…Mitch Freeman and Megan Arnold! As Mitch was announced, the entire team surrounded him with cheers. We congratulate both Mitch and Megan! And now, back to the game!


Berkshire would be receiving the second half opening kickoff. It didn’t take long for Kyle Storm to put his mark on the scoreboard. He took the ball in on a 20 yard run giving the Badgers their 4th touchdown of the night. Newbury was not going to let Henson have a perfect night. They blocked his point after attempt kick leaving Berkshire to take only the touchdown. With the Knights defensive play, the score was now 27-0. Blechschmid wasn’t done yet. On their next possession he took the ball 42 yards for another Berkshire touchdown. This time, Henson completed the point after kick giving them a score of 34-0. That would end the third quarter.

After 10 minutes off the play clock was gone, Berkshire scored for their final time of the game. This time, Blechschmid had the longest run of the night. He ran 80 yards for his 4th touchdown of the night. Hanson’s kick was on the dot making the score 41-0. Newbury was not going to go out of this game without putting anything on the board. They marched 79 yards down the field in less than 2 minutes. Ben Elia sealed it with a 4 yard touchdown run. The Black Knights were not going to settle for a point after kick. John Chambers ran the ball in for a 2 point conversion, giving his team 8 points. Those would be the last points put on the board for the night. The final score was 41-8. The Berkshire Badgers won at home on homecoming night.


We need to give congratulations out to Ben Blechschmid! Not only did he break 1,000 rushing yards for the season Friday night, he also tied the school record for rushing touchdowns in a season. Watching him play, I know exactly why this young man was able to succeed like he has.

I need to also congratulate Newbury. They may not have shown how well they played on the scoreboard, but to be there in person on their sidelines, I could feel it.

Throughout the seasons I have been writing these articles, I have seen teams beat themselves up or lose confidence in their abilities. I never once saw one of them put their heads down. I never once heard them yelling at each other. Nor did I see any of the coaches yelling at their players. They talked to each other, helping them get better, building confidence and getting them ready to get out on the field and ready to play. I know that we will see more positive changes with this team as the years come with this new head coach and his staff. Welcome to Geauga County football Coach Tim Glodowski. Be proud Newbury Black Knights!

If you want to see Ben Blechschmid break the record next week, join us at Berkshire when they take on the Cardinal Huskies in the battle for the Kinsman Cup!

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