Cardinal Kindergarten Students Celebrate 100 Days of School

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Cardinal Middle School Paw Pride Congratulations to the following Cardinal Middle School students for being selected as Paw Pride winners for the week ending February 23rd! Pictured left to right: Trace F., Jazlyn S., Ava G., Emily D., Rylee W., Madison G., & Max S. (Not pictured: Bella P.)

Kindergarten students celebrate their 100th day of school on Wednesday, February 14th! Students were allowed to dress up like they were 100 years old and participated in several activities in each of the Kindergarten classrooms. In Ms. Gail Ross’s room students broke up into pairs for a “race to 100.” Students had to roll a die and then color the number of squares until they got to 100. In Mrs. Courtney Dyer’s room students had a “dance party” and counted by 5s until they reached 100. Mrs. Ashley Derecskey’s room had a reading activity and in Mrs. Rosa Skolnik’s room students visited 5 stations had 100 seconds to complete various tasks such as stacking cups and plates, making thumb prints, and stamping. It was a fun day for them – thanks to our K teachers for organizing all of the activities!

Come Have Lunch with the Seussical Bunch!

Families are invited to join the cast and crew of the Cardinal High School musical Seussical for lunch on Saturday, March 17th from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. in the Cardinal Middle School Gymnasium. Tickets are $5.00 per child and are available for purchase in school offices or the Board of Education Office. We hope you’ll join us for this fun event!

4th grade student Leah G. was so surprised to have her opinion on Presidential powers featured on the WVIZ/PBS ideastream program Newsdepth.

Another Student Opinion Featured on WVIZ /PBS ideastream

Our fourth graders are on a roll this year – we have yet another student who had their opinion featured on the WVIZ/PBS ideastream program Newsdepth! This time Leah G. was the lucky student chosen to have her thoughts on which Presidential power she thought was the most important.

Of veto, pardon, and executive order, Leah said she thought pardon was the most important because, “a President is the only one who can get a criminal out of jail. First, the President has to think about what the criminal has done and decide if jail is the best place for the involved person. I think the President’s most important power is the pardon because he or she must make a decision about somebody’s life.” WOW!

When we asked Leah what went through her mind when she saw her opinion featured on the program she said she was so surprised because she never thought she’d have her opinion featured! Great job Leah! Keep up the great work everyone!

Cardinal Students Participate in Start With Hello Week

During a special assembly at Jordak Elementary School on February 5th, K-4 students learn that if they see someone, to reach out and say hello. The initiative is part of the Sandy Hook Promise, an effort to help students feel more included.

During the week of February 5th students across the district participated in various events to mark Start With Hello Week. The week is part of the Sandy Hook Promise, and brings attention to the growing epidemic of social isolation in our schools and communities. K-4 students attended an assembly to kick off the week and learn how they can help create a culture of inclusion and connectedness within Jordak.

Students received special Start With Hello bracelets and stickers to remind them that if they see someone – reach out and say hello! A special thank you as well to our Cardinal High School volunteers and the special service dog who came to assist with the assembly!

In addition to assisting at Jordak, Cardinal High School students also participated in various Start With Hello week events in their building. During lunch, students were encouraged to sign the Start With Hello pledge mural in the cafeteria and include words of encouragement to their fellow students. On Thursday, students were asked to wear the color green to go along with the Start With Hello theme, and those who participated had a chance to win a $10 iTunes gift card!

Thank you to everyone who reached out and said hello as part of this awareness campaign – it is so important!

Pictured In Cover Photo: Kindergarteners Cameron F., Aliya L., and Summer B. work together to stack as many cups as they can in 100 seconds. The activity was one of many students participated in to celebrate their 100th day of school on February 14th.

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