Chagrin Falls Graduate Maddie Wilson to Represent Capital and USA at FIL Women’s Lacrosse World Cup Showcase

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As lacrosse has blossomed throughout all four corners of Ohio, so too has it on a global scale. Northeast Ohio donated one of its own to help grow women’s lacrosse in Central Ohio, and now Capital University will have its colors represented along with the Red, White and Blue when Maddie Wilson ’17 plays with Team USA at this year’s D1 Elite Showcase as part of the 2017 Women’s Lacrosse World Cup in London.

Recent graduate and former goaltender for Capital Women’s Lacrosse Maddie Wilson is currently training and preparing for a trip across the pond to represent the United States of America on one of three women’s lacrosse showcase teams.

While the Chagrin Falls, Ohio native spent the last four years keeping the cage clean at the NCAA Division III level, Wilson will be playing with the Division I Elite team.

The 2017 FIL Rathbones Women’s Lacrosse World Cup will be hosted at Surrey Sports Park (Guildford, England) between July 12th and 22nd. As a part of the 10-day celebration of the game of women’s lacrosse, a large sub-tournament will be played to showcase additional talent outside of the primary national team.

To earn this opportunity, it took motivation and desire not just for playing the game, but also to travel and play with other women from across the country, and against those from all over the globe. That plus a solid playing resume.

To become eligible, a collegiate student-athlete must achieve a spot on her respective all-region team, or better. Then, the organizers of the trip will select those whom they will extend an invitation.

But the promotion from the D3 team to D1 Elite team, that was a surprise.

Wilson was originally slated to play with one of two D3 Elite teams, comprised of some of the top talent in Division III.

However, a goalkeeper vacancy on the D1 Elite team prompted a phone call from the team’s coaching staff, which led to a promotion.

“I was very excited and definitely not expecting that. I am definitely more excited now because I’ll see even better competition,” said Wilson. “I am excited to see [the competition will be] even better.”

She will join 15 women to comprise the D1 Elite team and serve as one of two goaltenders. All players on this team are member of NCAA Division I or II teams, with the exception of Wilson.

Needless to say, the team’s first meeting in England will be the first time she’ll have met her own teammates. This does not phase Wilson.

“I am going to go into this with a brand new team, never having met anyone. I’ve done it before and it worked out just fine and I was excited,” said Wilson. “I am not too concerned with not having played with them. As a goalie, it’s the only position on the field that is an individual position so I do not need to learn each player as you would on attack. I am pretty outgoing so I am not too concerned about not clicking with my team.”

While the primary USA women’s lacrosse team will play the likes of Australia, host England, and rival Canada for the right to be crowned World Cup Champion, the D1 and D3 Elite teams will play multiple games over the course of the week to display the talent and growth of the game beyond a national level. The international field will include countries such as Germany, Japan, and various teams from around the United Kingdom, giving Wilson and her teammates the chance to interact and bond with women from other countries and cultures that share one commonalty . . . a passion for the game.

Contributed By Ryan Gasser, Capital University Sports Information Director

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