Chagrin Falls High School Speech and Debate Students Compete in Patriot Games Classic

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On December 1st, 25 Chagrin Falls High School Speech and Debate competitors traveled with coach Ken Kasee to George Mason University (GMU) in Fairfax, Virginia, to compete in the 14th annual Patriot Games Classic. This year, 107 teams from across the country competed at the tournament with more than 2,000 student entries.

Preliminary rounds for both Speech and Debate were held Saturday on GMU’s campus. After the debaters competed in five preliminary rounds on Saturday, three Public Forum debate teams consisting of sophomores Sasha Haines and Maggie Mills, seniors Chris Currey and Jack Reboul, and Eneh Turoczi and Missy McDonnell all broke to the triple octa-finals. On Sunday, all three teams broke to the double octa-finals off clear wins in the first elimination round, guaranteeing a top 32 spot for each team. After the double octa-final round, the teams of Haines and Mills and Turoczi and McDonnell advanced to the octa-final round. With random draw, the two teams faced each other. Haines and Mills conceded to their senior leaders, finishing sixteenth overall. From there, Turoczi and McDonnell, won their quarterfinal and semifinal round to make it to the final round. In their final round of competition, the four-year partners lost on a 3-2 decision to place second out of 177 teams.

In addition, Speech competitors seniors Derrick Vehar and Anna Sherman in Original Oratory, sophomores Mike King and Eli Shall in DUO Interpretation, senior David Marquette in Dramatic Interpretation, and senior AJ Wahl in Humorous Interpretation all broke to the quarterfinal round after three preliminary rounds. Marquette then broke to the semi-final round of Dramatic Interpretation, placing in the top 14 in the tournament.

Chagrin Valley Rotary Club Student of the Month 

Margaret Sobota, December Chagrin Valley Rotary Club High School Student

Chagrin Falls High School senior Margaret Sobota is the Chagrin Valley Rotary Club High School Student for the month of December. Sobota was chosen for her leadership and service to the community.

In her time at CFHS, Sobota has been involved in Accent on Youth, a project in which she visits Gurney Elementary School, Chagrin Falls Intermediate School, and Chagrin Falls Middle School to act out roles for plays. She continues her dedication to the arts by submitting visual art pieces to Prism Literary Magazine. Additionally, she is also a Link Leader and mentor to freshmen students. Sobota also led a fundraising campaign in 2016 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Student of the Year competition, raising more than $7,000. Finally, she volunteers her summers to the Chagrin Valley Athletic Club and aids the awards table at swim meets.

Outside of school, Sobota is a cashier, product demonstrator, and employee trainer at Heinen’s grocery store. She balances 15-20 hours a week on the job with her classes during the school year and dedicates 25-30 hours a week to work during the summer. In her spare time, she enjoys independently working on her art.

Her awards include AP Scholar with Distinction, AP Capstone Diploma, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) Mission Award and Scholarship, Excellence in Art Gold Award (Chagrin Falls Art Show), and National Merit Commendation.

Her accelerated classes include AP US History, AP Seminar, AP Research, AP Calculus AB, AP Physics I, AP US Government, AP English Language, AP Drawing Portfolio, AP English Literature, AP Calculus BC, AP Chemistry, AP Psychology and AP Computer Science.

Her plans for the future include a major in English and possible double major or minor in Computer Science.

Chagrin Falls Middle School Students Enjoy Lesson in Medieval Life

As a part of their studies of the Middle Ages, seventh-grade students at Chagrin Falls Middle School analyzed the advancements in technology, art, and architecture. The classes researched Gothic architectural aspects of cathedrals: gargoyles, flying buttresses, arches, and stained glass windows. “We created panels of stained glass (really tissue paper) and assembled them to create a 16-foot by 3-foot stained glass window in our hallway,” said Teacher Larry Richmond, Chagrin Falls Middle School. “In addition, the students worked on illuminated manuscripts, took a journey like the Canterbury Tales, and made models of castles.”

Pictured In Cover Photo: While the debaters started their first round at the George Mason 14th annual Patriot Games Classic in Fairfax, VA, the students are feverishly annotating their assigned books as they settle in for a long, but exciting first day of competition.

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