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Berkshire 8th Graders’ Career Readiness Exploration

On Tuesday, November 1st, Berkshire 8th Graders participated in a career readiness exploration program sponsored by Geauga Growth Partnership in which they explored several local businesses to learn what they do and how they operate with the goal of inspiring students to think about possibilities for their future. Students toured Great Lakes Cheese, Electrolock, Duramax Marine, and Troy Innovative Instruments, spoke with employees and learned a great deal about these successful local businesses. Berkshire would like to thank Geauga Growth Partnership and the businesses who hosted for their on-going educational outreach to local students.

Pictured In Top Right Photo: 8th Grade Students participate in career readiness program

Multiplication Madness at Ledgemont Elementary

The third grade students in Miss Svigel’s Ledgemont Elementary class worked really hard the entire first quarter to master their multiplication facts. They learned what multiplication is, how to model it, different ways to show it, the different properties of multiplication, and the basic math facts through 12s. They completed the unit on the most fun day of the school year – Multiplication Madness. Students spent the ENTIRE day playing games. In the morning, they rotated through centers playing Football, Multiplication Slap, Game Boards, Hedbanz, Roll and Cover, and Egg Carton Shake Up. In the afternoon,they played Hungry Hungry Hippos, human style! Everyone had a blast!

Pictured In Bottom Right Photo: Third grade students playing Headbandz

BHS Principal Gets National Honor

Written by Sam Martinjako & Alexis Caponi, Badger Pause Student Writers

Recently our high school principal, Mr. Stephen Reedy, was inducted into the Ohio Chapter National Wrestling Hall of Fame. This banquet recognizes people for their hard work and commitment while being a positive role model for young athletes.

Reedy said that the award “means the world”, and he’s proud that he got the opportunity to be recognized and remembered for his hard work in his coaching of wrestling. He was a wrestling coach for twenty years, and before that he was a wrestler in college, and wrestled and played football in high school.

According to Reedy, the most important piece of advice he could give to future athletes is “it’s not about winning or losing; it’s about giving a hundred percent. Don’t be scared to fail. Set your goals high and try to achieve them.” Congratulations on this honor, Mr. Reedy!

Berkshire Girls Cross Country Goes To State Meet

Congratulations to the hard working and talented girls of cross country who are heading to National Trail Raceway in Hebron, Ohio for the OHSAA Championship Cross Country Meet. This very close team of friends push each other to succeed and have incredible grit. Congratulations to Kylie Scott, Julia Losasso, Natalie Girolamo, Amy Pfiester, Madison Romask, Riley Schultz, Lizzy Dingman, Emily Dingman, and Morgan Scott for your accomplishment and good luck to you. Congratulations also to cross coaches David Kindall, Aimee Green, and Nichole Kiczek.

Pictured In Top Left Photo: Girls Cross Country Team

BHS Students of the Month for October 2016

Lydia Kastor, Grade: 7th, Extracurriculars and Hobbies: Basketball and reading, Favorite Class: Math, Goal for the Year: Straight A’s all four quarters

Jackson Hare, Grade: 8th, Extracurriculars and Hobbies: JH Soccer, student council, National Junior Honor Society, tutors after school, Favorite Class: CP Algebra I, Goal for the Year: To get straight A’s

Hunter Mulacek, Grade: Freshman, Extracurriculars and Hobbies: Anything related to computers and electronics, running, collecting Coca Cola memorabilia items, Favorite Class: CP American History, Goal to the Year: To get a 4.0 for a quarter

Caitlin Wendl, Grade: Sophomore, Extracurriculars and Hobbies: Volleyball, basketball, Favorite Class: Biology, Goal for the Year: To get straight A’s

Bridget McMahon, Grade: Junior, Extracurriculars and Hobbies: Volleyball, singing, acting, dance, gymnastics, snowboarding, Favorite Class: Social Studies/History, Goal for the Year: To earn A’s in all of my classes

Jenna Landrus, Grade: Senior, Extracurriculars and Hobbies: Soccer, Favorite Class: Organic Chemistry, Goal for the Year: To finish with a 4.0

Pictured In Bottom Left Photo Students of the Month for BHS from left to right: Lydia Kastor, Caitlin Wendl, Bridget McMahon, Jenna Landrus, Jackson Hare, Hunter Mulacek

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