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Third Grade Reading Projects

Students in Mrs. Cardinal’s 3rd grade classes are busy creating and presenting reading projects once again! Students had to read a book of their choice, and then create a postcard, build a scene, or make a collage depicting the book. Students also presented their projects to the class. Great work by everyone – there are some really impressive creations on display!

High School Students Create Edible Atoms

Science has never been so tasty! High school Physical Science students in Mrs. Russell’s classes used food to make three different 3-D representations of the same element. They made a neutral atom, an isotope, and an ion. The activity is designed to help them calculate the different numbers of subatomic particles.

Students Visit Space with Nature Scopes

5th grade students are once again participating in the Geauga Park District’s Nature Scopes program. Last week, the program took students to space by allowing students to explore in three different astronomy stations at CMS. Students learned about the sun and stars, moon and planets, constellations, and deep space objects. The Nature Scopes program provides every student with their own set of binoculars and students were able to use them during their space exploration. Thanks Geauga Park District!

COSI Visits K-4 Students

COSI Columbus’ Dynamic Hands-On Science Center on Wheels went wild at Jordak Elementary School February 23rd and 24th with the “Exploring Ecology” program. Students in grades K-4 all had an opportunity to take part in an awesome assembly to learn about ecology (the study of organisms and their environments) in our area. After the assembly, students had a chance to try out some really neat hands-on experiments and activities. They were able to count rings on a tree and determine how various environmental factors affected its growth; masks were used to show students how owls, moles, and insects see the world; and a search for hidden animals was a great lesson on how camouflage helps animals blend into their environment. Students had a blast – thank you to the Cardinal PTA for helping to bring the event to our students and to all of the volunteers who helped students discover ecology at each station!

OSU Professor Visits High School Seniors

We were honored to host Chemistry Professor Dr. Matthew Stolzfus from The Ohio State University on Friday, March 3rd at Cardinal High School. Dr. Fus, as he’s more commonly known, spoke to our seniors about the expectations of what it takes to succeed at the post-secondary level. Dr. Fus spoke about his background (which includes some Amish heritage), his desire to play professional baseball as a student (his goal in life was to make the highlight reel on ESPN), and how one professor completely changed his life. Dr. Fus is now a big advocate of incorporating technology into the classroom to improve the student experience – something he has done successfully at Ohio State. His main message to students during his visit – understand how to learn and think, college is different from high school, be flexible, be patient, and be willing to adapt to new ways of learning and doing. And by the way, he did make ESPN’s highlight reel – his classroom was featured on a College Game Day piece that aired back in 2012. Thank you for visiting our students!

Pictured In Photos

  • Pictured In Top Left Photo: Ohio State University Chemistry professor Dr. Matthew Stoltzfus speaks to seniors at Cardinal High School on March 3, 2017 about success at the post-secondary level.
  • Pictured In Top Right Photo: Taylor F. and Rebecca D. make cakes to demonstrate the atom, isotope, and ion of an element.
  • Pictured In Bottom Left Photo: 5th grade students in Mr. Greg Cicero’s class explore space thanks to their participation in the Geauga Park District’s Nature Scopes program.
  • Pictured In Bottom Center Photo: Third graders Jiana P. and Brody S. show the scenes they created to represent the books they read for a reading project.
  • Pictured In Bottom Right Photo: Second grade students explore ecology at the COSI on Wheels science lab at Jordak Elementary School.



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