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Wacky Snacks for Wacky Wednesday in First Grade

Wacky Snack Wednesday was a delicious treat for students in Mrs. Kate Pike’s 1st grade classroom. In March, students spent a week learning about Dr. Seuss and every day brought a different “theme” with it. So on this particular day, students dressed up in their wackiest outfits and used pretzels, Twizzlers, marshmallows, and Laffy Taffy candies to create their wackiest snack!! Students came up with all kinds of great delicacies, including magic wands, cars, and people. Other activities during the week included comparing and contrasting the movie and the book The Cat in the Hat, pajama day while reading Sleep Book, making a class book, and having students guess what “wocket is hiding in another’s pocket!” Sounds like a fun and tasty week in first grade!

Third Graders Find Volume of Objects Using Water

Mr. Claire Zurbuch, Cardinal’s “Science Guy” recently came to help Miss Barb Tropf’s 3rd grade science classes continue their study of the properties of matter. He came to help them find the volume of irregular shaped items. By using Archimedes’ method of finding the volume (amount of space matter takes up), students submerged objects into a container filled with water. They measured the displaced water with graduate cylinders to find the volume of various objects: a softball, pop can, brick, rock and a piece of wood. They found that mass does not determine volume, but size does. Mr. Z. finished up the experiment by measuring a rectangular prism. The 3rd graders used their multiplication skills learned in Mrs. Christine Hiller’s Math class to find the volume of the prism. Then they used the same displacement method to prove their math was correct. Thanks Mr. Z!

Senior Receives Scholarship to Art Institute

Congratulations to CHS senior Jake C. who has been accepted into the The Cleveland Institute of Art! Jake also received nearly $27,000 in scholarships. Way to go!

Q3 Dedicated Dozen

Congratulations to the following CMS 6th graders who were selected as the Q3 Dedicated Dozen! Skylar E., Paxton M., Cassie N., Andrew T., Sophia S., Paul G., Caden G., Sheryl M., Troy D., Ethan D., Hennessy M., and Brooke T. (not pictured are Hennessy M. and Cassie N.) These are students who displayed great PRIDE behaviors throughout the 3rd grading period. All members are selected by teachers and are treated to a special breakfast prepared by Chef Mr. Mike Whipple! Congratulations everyone!

Donor Thank Yous

The Cardinal Local Schools’ Board of Education gratefully acknowledges the many donations towards the pay-to-participate fees for spring sports from the following businesses and friends of the Huskies: Cardinal Music Boosters, First United Methodist Church, Berkshire Hathaway, First Quality Power Place, Junction Auto Family, Karl’s Jewelry, Lechene Trucking, McIntosh Insurance Agency, MD Realty, Mercury Plastics, Siracki Realty, Watson’s 87 Furniture, Bridgette Wasil & Family, Peggy Karg, Lee Selby, Lukas Family, Luke Kruse, Ben Garlich, Anonymous, Heckman Family, PJF, Eric Szcepinski, Jason Smith, Rick & Debbie Klepper, Jason Passek, Shelly Novotny, Jason Driscoll, Kevin Pollari, Alex Stanton, Anissa Fehring, Jason Dulka, Mike Dolezal, Patrick Harper, Mike Dietrich

CMS Paw Pride

Congratulations to the following CMS students on being selected as Paw Pride winners for the week ending March 24! 5th grade – Austin A. & Emma K.; 6th grade – Gavin B. & Miranda R.; 7th grade – Alison P. & Maclain R.; 8th grade – Alissa H. & Braylon R. Way to go everyone – keep up; the great work!

Pictured In Photos

  • Pictured In Left Photo: CHS senior Jake C. has been accepted into the The Cleveland Institute of Art!
  • Pictured In Top Center Photo: 3rd grade teacher Miss Barb Tropf helps students find the volume of a softball by using water and the Archimedes’ method.
  • Pictured In Top Right Photo: 3rd grade students partner together to find the volume of a rock using water and the Archimedes’ method.
  • Pictured In Bottom Photo: 1 st graders Austin M. and Austin L. use candy to create “wacky snacks” for Wacky Wednesday during Dr. Seuss week in class.

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