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These metabolic workouts are perfect for individuals who are seeking a full-body workout that encompasses both cardio and strength training.

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Available to individuals who are seeking a personalized workout routine they will be held accountable for, Video Fitness with Andrew is a convenient, at-home solution.

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YTRAAK’s February fitness challenge allows you to challenge yourself to be more active and more intentional about your activities.

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Chrissy is a member of the Geauga Family YMCA and has taken advantage of the opportunities that the facilities have to offer. Her story of weight-loss success and personal growth is one to be admired
Holiday Fitness

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With the holiday season in full swing, and a new year just around the corner, sticking with your nutrition and fitness goals is especially...

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The Geauga Family YMCA is preparing to participate in the first annual Ohio YMCA Fit Blitz, a month-long fitness challenge in December

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This life-changing opportunity was presented to one former Middlefield man. Now he is paying it forward to his longtime friend.
archery club

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"We hope to improve student’s focus, self confidence and teach them the importance of safety."
Bundle up

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Still feeling a little sluggish from the holidays or kind of cabin feverish?

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Spring is officially here! A great way to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather is to simply take a walk. Not only will you get out to see all that mother nature has to offer but it is great for your overall health as well.