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Seniors Helpin Seniors

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Seniors Helping Seniors is seeking active seniors to provide services to other seniors residing in Geauga County.

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Eligibility for assistance is based on the emergency criteria and income guidelines.

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It just got icy at The West Woods Nature Center.
Water in Glass

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Water makes up two-thirds of the human body, and 75 percent of the human brain is water.

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(These dates are for 2014. Click the image to see it full size.) This information is brought to you by
Junction Auto Stuff the Van

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Junction Auto Sales participated in the Chrysler "Stuff the Van" promotion filling up a van with canned goods and toys to give to needy families during the holidays.
Breathe Rain Barrel

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The Geauga Soil and Water Conservation District wishes to thank everyone who participated in our 2014 Rain Barrel Yard Art Campaign.

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Approximately 25 friends and neighbors in Claridon came together to wrap and deliver Christmas presents to 27 children in 14 families right here in Claridon.
Punderson Letter

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Do you know why our county is named Geauga? We have a rich history dating back over 200 years.

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Watch 'em get gently caught in net, banded for research and released.
Sponsor a Family Little Girl

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The program is open to Geauga County families with minor children who are receiving assistance such as food stamps.