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What is this rooster's new name and what will he cock-a-doodle-DO?

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Barry Henkin offers advice on how to achieve personal fulfillment despite life's physical, mental, emotional, and societal obstacles.
37 Ways You Can Tell that You're from Geauga County Ohio

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Whenever I talk to anyone from Geauga County I remember these familiar lyrics: "You can check out anytime you like... but you can never leave" ;)
Fall Sports update

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This is the latest athletic update from the athletic director at Cardinal High School.
Amish Auction

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Proceeds will benefit DDC Clinic ~ Center for Special Needs Children on Route 528 in Middlefield, a primary care and research facility for special needs children with rare genetic disorders.
Cardinal Athletics

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Here is the latest scoop on althetics at Cardinal High School.
Creekside Lawn Furniture

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At Creekside Lawn Furniture, you can choose from Swings, Gliders, Chairs, Tables, Benches, Refreshment Stands, Potting Benches, Adirondacks, and more.
Great Lakes Outdoor Supply

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This local business started out as an online store.
Fitness Plus

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Hard work, sweat, pain, perhaps some injuries, maybe some embarrassment, and just general dread. Figuring out how to get past this is often more of the problem than the exercising itself
Middlefield Summer Fest

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This Saturday, July 27 promises to be a full day of pure fun with more than 100 local businesses, organizations and individuals taking part.
Amish farmers market

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Amish grown produce, fresh bakery, jams and jellies, kettle corn...all at the Middlefield Farmers Market in Mineral Lake Park!
Upcoming events in Middlefield

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Three great events are happening in Middlefield this summer.