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Would consider converting this restaurant space into office or retail space.

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Celebrate the successes achieved and discover the exciting changes and opportunities that lie ahead.

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So far, students have studied greenhouse gasses, global warming, pollution, whaling, tree identification and endangered species.

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This fundraiser was a huge success last year and we are looking for another great fundraiser this year.

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“My childhood dreams are coming true,” Cress said after signing his letter.

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"I wanted to incorporate the Huskie into the logo, so I searched the Internet, got some inspiration, and created something that I feel is very professional looking and athletic, not to mention unique to Cardinal."

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“We were really proud of how the students came together as a team to satisfy all of the requirements for the Rube Goldberg contest,” says teacher Sharon Cassavecchia.

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“We all had a lot of fun, and the kids enjoyed learning about the importance of physical activity and how they can play a role in saving lives.”

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The “Humans Are Gross” station seemed to generate the most reaction from students, and was certainly the most talked about aspect of the experience!

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“The students all did a tremendous job and had fun participating in the tournament."

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"The Green Game will be remembered forever in our hearts!"

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“The students did a wonderful job and this experience is very rewarding because it combines facets of engineering, physics and mathematics (STEM) into one project.”