Leah Schmidt

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In her role, Ms. Schmidt is responsible for developing, recommending and implementing an outreach plan for the library system.
al and bruce

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We are happy to provide this free service to our customers and we are lucky to have two great employees take such great care of our customers and their vehicles.
Bus Drivers

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The total years served among the three of them is one century and 13 years!

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They make great gifts for service men and women and many can be personalized with a name, picture, unit, years of service, and color options.
Broken garage door

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You won’t receive better service anywhere else. Service companies serve people - whether it’s convenient or not.
Newbury parade

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All groups, clubs, etc., are welcome to participate in the parade. This program is planned for the benefit of Newbury and surrounding communities.
Woman gardening

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Our friendly and compassionate providers can assist with these responsibilities, along with shopping, providing transportation and more.
Geauga Door

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Today’s metal garage doors are among the most durable you can select for your home. Whether aluminum or steel, they both hold up extremely well.

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Juniors and seniors submit applications describing their pursuit of the four pillars of the organization: character, scholarship, leadership, and service.
Tim Frank Septic Tank Cleaning co

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Tim Frank Septic offers a wide range of services including septic tank pumping, septic repairs, lift station pump replacement and sewer cleaning
Dan McClelland

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This year’s award winner, has been a pillar in Geauga County for a long time, and has been giving to Geauga County his whole life.
Chesterland Auto Body

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For over five decades they have provided their neighbors with honest, trustworthy, reliable, and state of the art complete automotive service.