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just show up if you're feeling helpful and hungry, and anyone who catches a butterfly or a dragonfly will be eligible for a free hamburger or hotdog
Chagrin Falls Schools

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The data collected from this online research study will assist in making decisions for the future of the schools.
Red Spotted Purple

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Naturalist Linda Gilbert said the purpose of these transects is to collect baseline data on the butterfly species using these areas.
Dairy Farm

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The goal of this survey was to learn more about the concerns and attitudes of dairy farmers in the five-county region.Take a look at the results ...

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An intensive historic survey of approximately 42 buildings in the Burton Historic District has been conducted by a professional consulting firm.
What was your favorite post so far - poll results

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Just over a week ago, we asked you what your favorite post of four had been so far.  Here are the results:A Local Star...