For the Birds Part I

For the Birds Part 1

Wintertime for most of North America can prove to be a difficult time and the living is not always easy, especially if you are a bird. Days are often windy and cold and nights are long and even colder. Much of the vegetation has withered or been consumed, and most insects have become dormant or died. Finding … Read more

Mamaliga Cu Brinza

Mamaliga Cu Brinza

The following recipe has been passed down to me from my grandmother who was born in Romania in Voilia back in 1896. She immigrated to the United States when she was 19 to join her future husband in Ohio. They settled in Alliance, Ohio where my grandfather owned a bakery. Some of my fondest memories … Read more

Christmas Tree History

The History of a the Christmas Tree

Most of us have had dozens of Christmas trees in our homes over the years.  They range from gigantic 15 footers that consume the great room all the way down to the 1 foot artificial trees that sit atop a small table.  This year I have a lovely Charlie Brown tree that sits on a … Read more