St. Mary Chardon First Graders Host “Blue Mass” in Honor of Local Heroes

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Mrs. Marie Lisachenko’s first grade class at St. Mary School Chardon has been learning all about Community Helpers at school this quarter, as do many other students their age.  This year their teacher decided to take that learning a step further to include honoring our first responders.  Mrs. Lisachenko assigned her students roles in the weekly school Mass and the first graders quickly started practicing their lines to prepare. St. Mary School sent out invitations to Chardon’s local first responders inviting them to be recognized during a Blue Mass in their honor.  Representatives from the Chardon Police, Chardon Fire, Geauga Sheriff’s Office, Ohio Highway Patrol, and Hambden Fire Departments were all in attendance despite busy schedules and some on their days off.  Each met in the church gathering space and processed in with the children behind the American flag.  During the Mass, the students and community asked for special blessings to keep our public servants safe.  The community attendees were choked up as the first graders then read a touching poem that honored all of the local heroes and highlighted many of their sacrifices.

Afterward, the special guests were invited back for coffee and a question and answer session with their first grade hosts.  Both students and the attendees looked excited to get to know each other better and talk some more.  The first graders had many questions about the gear each department uses, especially how big the trucks are and how fast the cars can go.  Each department shared details about the awesome tools they get to use on the job, but officers also shared information that helped the students know how they work everyday to keep us all safe.

To thank the students for such a special morning, officers invited the first graders outside to look into a police car, try on some gear and take a special oath before receiving their very own deputy badges.  As the first responders went back to work, many were hopeful the Mass would become an annual event.

First grade teacher, Mrs. Lisachenko said, “Since we’ve had the Mass, everyday at recess I have noticed the first graders playing “police officers” and using their badges as walkie-talkies”.  Clearly the students took away a great respect for the first responders, and a new bond has been formed between the school and the local heroes.  Both Mrs. Lisachenko and principal Mary Petelin agree that this could become a new annual tradition at St. Mary School.

About St. Mary School

St. Mary’s School Chardon is a Catholic School for grades preschool through 8 where students are encouraged to develop academically in an environment of faith, with a vision for the future. For more information about St. Mary’s School Chardon, visit: St. Mary School Chardon or contact Maureen Intihar via email: [email protected] or phone:  440-286-3590

Pictured In Photos

  • Pictured In Left Photo:  Simonas Drublonis looks on as classmate Jacob Frackowiak tries on Officer Shaw’s vest.
  • Pictured In Bottom Photo: Mrs. Lisachenko’s First grade class with the local heroes.
  • Pictured In Top Right Photo: Mrs. Lisachenko and Chief Niehus.

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