St. Mary School Chardon Students Travel Through Space and Time Without Leaving Their Desks

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Students at St. Mary may be physically sitting in their desks in snow covered Chardon but their distance learning sessions are taking them around the world. Distance learning is a means of connecting through technology with teachers and experts in other locations. Common avenues to connect include Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom and Apple TV. With the world at our fingertips, St. Mary School staff have supported and extended their curriculum in ways never dreamed before.

The Pre-Kindergarten class connected with Denali National Park in Alaska to learn about Denali’s dinosaurs and became dino-detectives. They made and found clues to figure out if a dinosaur was a carnivore or herbivore. The 4th graders will also be connecting with Denali National Park later in the year to learn about habitats and the 5th graders will be connecting with the Gates of the Arctic Park to view this biome live. They are hoping to catch a glimpse of the resident animals in action.

The 5th grade had a personal visit with art from our very own Cleveland Art Museum’s Art to Go program. This is a hands-on program enabling participants to touch genuine works of art. Wearing gloves and with supervision students handle actual art objects from the museum’s Education Art Collection while engaging in exciting exploration guided by Art to Go docents. The 5th graders interacted with an Egyptian collection during their session. The 3rd Grade is looking forward to a trip to the Smithsonian Art Museum for a distance-learning lesson on finding objects in artwork. Docents at the Smithsonian will connect these artifacts to storytelling and poetry to support the 3rd graders study of poetry.

From the comfort of the Library classroom, St. Mary 2nd graders will be visiting a historic classroom from the Durham Museum and learning what school was like for students in the 17th and 18th century.

In addition, there has been no shortage of distance learning for St. Mary Junior High students. From the 911 Memorial Museum to the Pro-Football Hall of Fame and the Pearl Harbor Memorial to the Smithsonian Art Museum, junior high students have been engrossed in learning outside the confines of their classrooms. They have spoken to experts from the Cleveland Clinic and heard firsthand the stories from our honorable US veterans. Many take part in early morning sessions with Cleveland Clinic staff in on-going sessions to solve real world medical problems and have watched a live kidney transplant! These real world experiences speak to and move our students and make their learning come alive.

There is no limit to where distance learning will take the students of St. Mary next! Partnerships and programs with organizations around the country continue to be scheduled throughout the year for St. Mary students keeping them busy and learning all year through; both in and out of the confines of the classroom.

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Pictured In Top Photo: A Docent from the Art to Go program out of The Cleveland Art Museum share real works of art with St. Mary students that they are able to touch and feel for themselves.

Pictured In Bottom Photo: Staff from Cleveland Clinic share a case study live with St. Mary students via distance learning.

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