5 Cool Creatures Living in Geauga County (#4 is pretty weird!)…

Geauga County, Ohio is home to many unique animals. Some of these creatures have quirky, even comical qualities that make them endeared to the human inhabitants of the areas in which they live.

blue-heron1. The blue heron is more commonly found in Cuyahoga, but has been known to make its home in Geauga as well. The blue heron is the largest heron in North America. It is quite a beautiful bird that is steely-blue in color. It lives near the water and spends its time hunting for fish. One of the most interesting things about the blue heron is its call. It’s not a sweet tweet that most people might associate with a bird; rather it’s a croak similar to that of a frog. The male blue heron is also known to make a non-vocal clap with its beak as a means of attracting a mate or defending a nest.

newt2. The red spotted newt is another interesting creature that inhabits Geauga County. These little creatures generally have olive green backs with red spots and yellow bellies with black spots. One of the most unique qualities of the red spotted newt is its complex life cycle. They go through two phases of metamorphosis. Their eggs are laid in submerged aquatic vegetation. Their gestation period is a mere three to four weeks and when they hatch, they have gills that allow them to remain fully aquatic for at least two months. They do not develop lungs until their second stage of development. They stay in this state for up to seven years, but only grow a few inches.

leopard-frog3. The northern leopard frog is another animal that can be seen in the county. As its name indicates, this species of frog has black spots on its back and legs. They can be seen living in lakes, rivers or just about any place that is near to water. The male northern leopard frog has a unique croak that is a deep and guttural grunt. They can make this sound even when they are submerged under water.

4. The star-nosed mole is a bit of an ugly creature. It is easy to spot because his nose literally looks like a star. This is due to 22 protruding finger-like tentacles. They also have very long claws on their paws. They live in low, wet soils near water. They only keep one mate throughout mating season and produce just one litter ranging between three and seven young. The star-nosed mole is a semi-aquatic animal, which distinguishes it from other species of moles. They even create tunnels that open up under water.

star-nosed mole

5. Another interesting animal that can be found in Geauga County is the mink. These creatures are most often found near running or still waters. They are particularly attracted to wooded areas. Minks are generally long and narrow with dark brown or black fur. The reproduction habits of the mink are interesting. They mate in the winter and then burrow in the bank of a stream to gestate. The gestation time varies as implantation is often delayed. Another interesting fact about the mink is that it is distantly related to the skunk. It has anal scent glands that are known to excrete a musky-scented fluid.


Geauga County has many different types of wildlife and these are but a few of the interesting creatures that can be found upon exploring the area. A great place to begin is to visit one of the many local Geauga County parks or attend one of their programs.

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