6 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Dog in Good Health 

Golden Lab with Family

Pets have truly become an extension of the American family; this is especially true for dogs. Dog owners have a responsibility to maintain the health of their faithful canines. Keeping a pet dog healthy doesn’t happen on its own. Dog owners need to take specific steps to assure their furry friends stay healthy and fit throughout their lives. Pet dog owners who follow the guidelines below will be well on their way to assuring a happy and healthy life for their pet.

Oral health

Just like people, dogs need to have healthy teeth. Tooth decay is a common problem with dogs. Unfortunately, it is a seemingly small problem that can lead to larger ones. Tooth decay in dogs can lead to serious infections, particularly in the heart and kidneys.

In order to combat tooth decay, dog owners need to brush their pet’s teeth a few times a week. A double-sided brush that can reach below the gum line is the ideal type to use. A word of note: never use human tooth paste as it can be harmful to dogs.

Weight control

The problems with excess weight that affect humans can easily affect dogs as well. The causes for weight issues are the same as well. Feeding dogs too many fatty scraps from the dinner table for overfeeding them dog food without an adequate amount of exercise can lead to canine obesity.

Dogs aren’t able to practice self-control, so they depend on their humans to do it for them. The best way to manage a dog’s diet is to pay close attention to it. Keep track of what is fed to a dog and when. Also, be sure to keep them on a regular schedule and make sure they get enough exercise to burn off the calories they are eating. In fact, dogs should get about an hour of exercise each day.

Regular vet check-ups

A veterinarian can be a pet owner’s best friend. Regular check-ups from the vet can help you detect sicknesses and diseases early on, when they are still treatable. Puppies should visit a vet three to four times a year and adult dogs should go annually.


Owners should be sure to vaccinate their dogs. Vaccinations can save a dog’s life and they should not be overlooked.  Vaccinations are available against harmful diseases such as distemper, parvo, panleukopenia and rabies. Getting pets vaccinated can keep harmful and deadly diseases such as these at bay.

Parasite control

Fleas, ticks and heartworms can all be quite damaging to a dog. Dog owners should consult with their veterinarians to determine the best way to keep these and other parasites away from their dogs.


Regular grooming is not just a means of primping for a dog. The type and frequency of grooming is largely dependent on the breed of dog, but every breed needs some degree of grooming. Keeping the coat clean and nails trimmed not only assures a dog will look good, it will keep them healthy as well.

Dog owners have become truly passionate about their four-legged family members. Just as with every living creature, it is important to keep dogs healthy to assure they live long lives and can continue being faithful companions for years to come. Working with a trusted veterinarian is the best way to determine the most effective methods for keeping a dog healthy and happy.

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