6 Tips to Staying Happy After the Holidays

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Making the Post-Holiday Season a Happy One

With all of the fun of the holidays, the weeks and months afterward can be a challenge for family members who have enjoyed getting out more and seeing friends and family. Keeping the post-holiday season a happy one can be done – it just requires some pre-planning and creativity. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Let the light in. While Northeastern Ohio has its share of dark days during the winter, opening up the drapes to let natural light in can be a real mood booster. When the sun is out, it can even be beneficial to put a chair in the sun to enjoy the warm rays.
  • Get out of the house when possible. Though ice and snow can be a challenge, getting a loved one out of the house when it is safe can provide some needed stimulation after the fun of the holidays.
  • Keep moving. Though it isn’t as easy to get out now as it is during other times of the year, during the winter there is no reason not to keep moving. Walking at home – even doing laps throughout the house – can help to maintain mobility and get blood pumping to needed areas.
  • Change it up. Instead of doing all of the same activities, the post-holiday season is a great time to try a new hobby. If your loved one usually crochets, then try knitting. If crosswords are the puzzle of the day, it might be time to try Sudoku. Instead of chicken on Tuesdays, trying a new recipe may make for a fun and stimulating afternoon.
  • Get plenty of rest. While it might seem tempting to sit in a favorite chair watching movies all night, maintaining a regular sleep pattern can be very beneficial to health and moods. Getting enough rest helps to boost the immune system which can help prevent winter illnesses.
  • Invite people in. Though the weather may make travel difficult, there is no reason not to have people over. Hosting an afternoon tea, inviting a new group of friends to play cards, or simply inviting a neighbor over for cheese and crackers in the afternoon can be an easy, stimulating activity.

All the fun of the holidays can leave everyone feeling a little out of sorts in January. By letting natural light in, walking around the house and inviting people to visit, loved ones can feel their best during the post-holiday season. Need more tips on how to beat the holiday blues? Call FirstLight HomeCare of Chardon and speak to Annette or Sarah today!

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