6th Graders at Chagrin Learn Etiquette From Dick Blake

Earlier this January and February, over 120 Chagrin Falls sixth grade students took part in the annual Dance and Deportment Classes led by the legendary Cleveland etiquette and dance expert Mr. Dick Blake. Mr. Blake has been teaching classes for more than 30 years.

This Chagrin Falls tradition took place over a course of 7 weeks and was held in the Chagrin Falls Middle School cafeteria. The classes taught students social manners and graces to help prepare them for the real world such as proper posture, shaking hands, and looking people in the eye. Along with learning etiquette and charm, students learned several ballroom dances.

And while they learned the part of how to be a lady or gentleman, they had to look the part as well. Girls were required to wear dresses or skirts and white gloves while boys were required to wear a sports coat and tie.

To end the program, Chagrin Falls’ sixth grade students showed off their etiquette and dance skills on February 26 to their parents at the “Grand Finale” party. Parents participated in the event also; fathers escorted their daughters and mothers escorted their sons.

These types of classes have been taught at Chagrin since the beginning, and the tradition continues on, turning girls into ladies and boys into gentlemen.

This article was written by Chloe Slavin, Chagrin Falls High School student.

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