About Us

The Geauga News is an online publication that supports and provides positive local news in Geauga County.  We are a small team of local residents and business owners who aim to provide an important resource to the residents and businesses of Geauga County.
Geauga News is a Little Acorn Media, LLC company.

We aim to provide:

  • Local classifieds
  • Current Geauga County news and events
  • Small business resources to local entrepreneurs

Geauga News is a Burton Chamber of Commerce member business and is made up of local business owners. We are proud to have a team of wonderful Geauga County writers who provide us local stories.

The Little Acorn Media Team is:

Rachel Hunziker

Rachel Hunziker – Owner and Head of Operations

Rachel has been a lifelong resident of Geauga County, growing up in Middlefield and now living in Huntsburg. From 1999 – 2006, Rachel worked at the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office as Records Clerk and Corrections Officer and eventually subcontracted to work in the Federal Building in downtown Cleveland to assist federal agents who investigated social security fraud. She has also worked at a large local state park manor and lodge in HR and as Front Office Operations manager. In October of 2011, Rachel met Gabe Arnold and was presented with an investment opportunity in Geauga News where she could further her interest in technology and social media. She quickly took on the challenge and is currently co-owner of Little Acorn Media.

Rachel enjoys walking and biking with her husband Ed and spending time in Geauga County’s parks. Rachel handles our day to day operations and writer training.


Gabe ArnoldGabe Arnold – Founder and Creative Director

Gabe Arnold creates affordable long term marketing and technology solutions for businesses of all sizes. He has over 15 years of experience in professional writing, web and computer technology, and marketing campaign creation and management. Gabe has worked with over 1,000 startups as well as hundreds of established businesses over the past decade to help them achieve their goals. He is passionate about connecting businesses with the best possible solutions.

At age 16 Gabe created and sold his first website and just 4 years later he was running a multimillion dollar service company that was completely fueled by his online marketing efforts. Gabe has worked in dozens of different industries to create profitable and stable long term solutions.

Gabe uses his leadership experience, business strategy, and technology expertise to help business owners like you reach their full potential. He is CEO of tEkk3, author of How to Market your Business Every Day for Zero Dollars (on Amazon), and a creator Copywriter Today and Get Traffic Booster. Contact Gabe here, or follow him on Twitter.

 Sheryl Gusler – In the Kitchen and Feature Writer


Sheryl Gusler has lived in Middlefield for 56 years and is a graduate of Cardinal High School. She has been a business owner for over 29 years. She is married to Duane and loves visiting with her family and friends as much as time allows. Sheryl has three children and three grandchildren, loves to travel, cook, read, and garden. She is committed to helping others as much as she can. Her favorite quote is “If you think you can do it, you can! Success begins with you.”

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