Add Fun, Fitness and Positive Character to Your Child’s Life

With the fair behind us now, even though it is not technically fall until September 23, if you are a parent of a child in school, then you have begun your fall routine. Waking kids up, breakfast, then school, _____, dinner, and off to bed. That short ____ time is the only open time you may have during the week to add anything to your child’s day that you deem worthy. What are they doing with that slot? Watching television? Playing computer games? Texting friends?

What if they were actually engaging in fun, physical activity that not only improved their health, but also built positive character that would benefit them the rest of their life? Would you choose that to fill in the blank for your child? Melanie Shipman did!


Melanie is the mother of Grace, a 10 year old student at Emeth Gymnastics in Middlefield who is enrolled in League and Moonlight classes. She was also Student of the Month for August.

“I used to take gymnastics when I was a kid,” says Grace. “I took a break, and now I’ve been back at Emeth for about a year.” She says that it has helped improve her strength and flexibility. She also says, “Miss Heather has helped me so much. She always encourages me and helps build my confidence. She tells me how to improve, but she always points out what I am doing good, too.”

Melanie is grateful to Miss Heather and Emeth for the positive influence gymnastics has had in Grace’s life. “Miss Heather is so positive and encouraging,” explains Melanie. “She’s always building Grace up. I also like that Grace is learning a Bible verse and lessons about character. Even when we take a break, we always come back because of the character building and Bible verses. Emeth doesn’t just build physical strength. The coaches here are the kind of people that I want my girls to be around.”

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Emeth is taking fall registrations now. There are many classes available for both girls and boys from preschool through high school. Classes are offered on weekdays and on Saturdays. There are even “boy only” classes taught by male instructors! Emeth also offers an in-house League which provides an opportunity to learn routines, compete against other Emeth athletes, engage in team building, and be awarded for accomplishments.

Stop by and watch from the viewing area to see what your child could be doing during that ____ time in his or her day. I think you’ll agree there really is no question about which is the better choice!

Come by the gym, call, or visit their website to find out more about what Emeth Gymnastics can do for your child!

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