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Encouraging Exploration of the Unknown through New “Project Lead the Way” Program at Chagrin Falls Schools

Gurney Elementary kindergarten through third grade students are now able to pursue their interests in science and math through the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program. The curriculum, Project Lead the Way (PLTW), is allowing students to explore topics like the human body, light, sound, plants, flight, engineering and many others.

At Gurney Elementary, second grade students recently finished a unit about seeds and plants. For the final project in the unit, students were put into small groups to create a model of a machine to be used for spreading seeds across a large area of land. The students had to work together and think critically in order to create the best machine for the task. After only three class periods to plan, build and test their machines, students showed their machines to the class.

“The STEM program at Gurney is a great way to get our children to think critically while incorporating more science and math into the curriculum,” said Gurney Elementary PLTW Teacher Kelly Purcell. “The students are learning great skills and having fun along the way!”

There are more than 15 different STEM topics the students will be learning at Gurney Elementary. Some of them include Pushes and Pulls; Animals and Algorithm; Light and Sound; Animal Adaptations and Storytelling; The Changing Earth; Stability and Motion: Forces and Interactions; Grids and Games, and Properties of Matter.

“Through our recently received ODE Competency-Based Grant funds, our district was able to purchase PLTW K-8 instructional modules and resources for all students and provide PLTW training for three of our K-8 teachers,” said Superintendent Robert Hunt. “Today’s students need to possess certain knowledge and skills to thrive, no matter their chosen life and career paths. Being comfortable taking intellectual risks, adept at collaboration, confident in the face 
of challenges, and skilled at devising solutions are just a few of these essential skills. With access to PLTW across grades K-8, our students will be immersed in a hands-on, project-based STEM curriculum 
that emphasizes critical and creative thinking, helping all students to maximize their potential.”

More information on the program can be found at: Residents can also follow Gurney STEM K-3 on Twitter at @GurneySTEM.

Members of Chagrin Falls High School Marching Band Play at Chagrin Film Fest

On October 8th, 70 members of the Chagrin Falls High School band played the fight song and “Hang on Sloopy” for the Chagrin Film Fest premiere of “Hang on Sloopy: The Movie.” The documentary delves into the fascinating array of compelling stories associated with Ohio’s favorite rock song. Four teenagers accidentally stumbled into fame when they wrote a simple song about love for a girl born on the wrong side of the tracks.

The song was a huge hit that became the unofficial anthem of Ohio. Decades later it’s still played at Ohio State football games to push the Buckeyes to victory.

Chagrin Falls High School Students Selected to Play at NE Region Orchestra Festival

Two Chagrin Falls High School students, Maddy Copley, grade 12 and Eva Levine, grade 10, auditioned and were selected to play at the Northeast Region Orchestra Festival on November 20th at 2:00 pm at Cleveland State.

The students, who will rehearse for three weekends in a row leading up to the festival, were selected from all over Northeast Ohio and join a full size orchestra with more than 90 members. Both Copley and Levine play the clarinet.

Pictured In Bottom Right Photo: Pictured on the left is Maddy Copley and on the right is Eva Levine.

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