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It’s Parent/Teacher Conference Time
Good parent/teacher conferences focus on how your child is doing in school. To get ready for the conversation, look at your child’s homework, tests, and notices before the conference. Be sure to bring a list of questions that you would like to ask the teacher. Sample questions include:How is my child doing? How is he doing compared to the other children? Is he completing homework and other assignments on time? What is his strongest subject? What is his weakest subject? What can we be doing at home to help? Is there a reading list of books he should be reading at home? How does he get along with others? How does my child behave around adults? Is he polite and respectful? What do you consider my child’s best strengths and interests?

Join the ESSA Conversation
There’s a lot of talk about ESSA these days. Do you know what it is? The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) is a US law passed in December 2015 that governs the United States K–12 public education policy. The law replaced the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), and modified provisions relating to the periodic standardized tests given to students. Like the No Child Left Behind Act, ESSA is a reauthorization of the 1965 Elementary and Secondary Education Act, which established the American federal government’s expanded role in funding public education. The Every Student Succeeds Act passed both chambers of Congress with strong bipartisan support

The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) is committed to comprehensive and collaborative community engagement leading to the development of the stateof Ohio’s ESSA plan. If you would like to provide input, the ODE has an ESSA survey. A link to the ODE survey is on the Chardon Schools homepage at

Pictured in Photos:  Chardon High School hosted its Homecoming festivities the weekend of September 16th and 17th. Congratulations to the 2016 Homecoming Queen Brenna Carr and King Joey Dinko; It’s always an extra special day for students when it’s Library Day. Excited students line up to check out their books with Maple School’s Librarian, Angela Moore; Munson School recently hosted a fun Bingo Night as a reward for the summer readers who went above and beyond in their reading. The super readers enjoyed games and treats at the school on Friday, September 16th; and, Inspired by Shelley Pearsall’s book, “All of the Above,” eighth graders at Chardon Middle School were busy combining tetrahedrons to make one large one. A tetrahedron is a solid having four plane triangular faces; a triangular pyramid. Pearsall’s suspenseful story follows four inner city students and their quest to build the world’s largest tetrahedron.

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