Anxious to Leave – Longing to Return

Geauga County. The place when I was a teenager I always wanted to get away from.

I have lived here for a large portion of my life, including most of my childhood. I grew up with woods and fields behind my house. I would fish, ride my 4 wheeler, and spend a lot of my time outside. Burton township was my domain and I knew everyone in the area. As I grew older, I wanted to move somewhere else and see what it would be like to live somewhere besides Burton, Ohio.

Burton Water Tower        Chicago Skyline

When I was 20, I moved to Chicago to work. I loved it at first. The city was always alive and there was so much to do anytime day or night. I worked and roamed the city, but after about a year, I started to really miss my small town friends and my family. I eventually moved back, and at first it was weird. It was so dark at night, and it felt strange to walk outside and not hear car horns and sirens at all hours of the day. But I was glad to be back around the people I grew up with and felt most comfortable around.

Now that I have been back for a few years, I can honestly say I love Geauga County. The people here are so much nicer than in the big cities. You can say hi to most anyone and they will respond. In Chicago, if you said hello to a stranger they would look at you weird or think you were going to try to sell them something or take advantage of them. Once, when I was in CVS, a lady who was carrying a lot of bags looked like she needed help so I asked if she wanted me to carry a few bags to the car. She did not even respond; she looked away and kept walking, not even thanking me for the offer. Here, it’s different. Everyone is friendly and polite. There is so much good in most of the people in Geauga County and it is refreshing.

I love my small town people and I love the land. There is nothing like having woods and fields surrounding your house and the peace and quiet of the night. If I ever move, I don’t think it will be very far, and it will have to be to a place similar to this; because some day, when I have my own kids, I want to raise them in a nice community where they have plenty of room to run and play and enjoy the outdoors – just like I did.

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