Appreciating our Parks this Earth Day

“Wilderness is not a luxury but necessity of the human spirit.” –Edward Abbey

Those turning to our parks are finding empowerment and community in the shared experiences in the wilderness: spring wildflowers bursting with life and painting hillsides with color, migrating waterfowl taking respite on nearby lakes and ponds, and fellow travelers raising a hand in greeting as they pass on a trail from a distance.

The 50th anniversary of Earth Day is a great time to examine our own interactions with nature, and look for ways to keep our planet healthy. There are many obvious actions, like to plant a tree or garden, reduce consumption of disposable materials, use and reuse containers like mason jars and coffee mugs, and of course to responsibly recycle. We may also keep working together to protect our wild spaces.

The Foundation for Geauga Parks has worked for 30 years to help protect natural areas that have become sanctuary for our wildlife and our communities to enjoy. We in Geauga County can take comfort in knowing there is a park nearby for a change of scenery and a little exercise.

Enjoy the gift of nature, and let us know if we may be of assistance. Together we will reach toward and plan for a brighter future.

Gretchen Faro & Paige Orvis

Both Gretchen and Paige may be reached on their mobile phones and their individual emails, or at We are here for you.

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