Beer & Bible

Beer-and-bible Yes, it is time to dust off your Bibles again!! Joking. I know you read it every day. If you bring a friend (someone new), I’ll buy them a beer….. and I never do that.

Date/Time: Nov. 6/7:00P.M.
Place: Kirtland City Tavern
10015 Chillicothe Rd.
Kirtland, OH

Topic: Except for Jesus, what Biblical charactor has influenced you most in your faith journey? And of course, WHY?

Paul Gochnour
Author: Paul Gochnour

Paul Gochnour was born in Pennsylvania many years ago and is a livelong Lutheran, a Bible reader and a beer drinker since the age of 21, not a drop before… He has been a member of Celebration Lutheran Church in Chardon since 1999. He is currently retired from a career in retail management (but always open to new opportunities) and is a “new” resident of Middlefield, having moved there in 1998. He is a Vietnam veteran and enjoys spending time with his veteran friends, making up new-old war stories and advocating for better veterans benefits. He is looking for ways to serve God and the community locally, nationally and worldwide. He believes Beer and Bible is one way of “Connecting People to People and Connecting People to Christ”.