Berkshire 6th Grade Students Become Stream Team Detectives with Geauga SWCD!

After taking a year hiatus due to Covid-19, the Berkshire Badgers Adjusted to Bring  Back their Annual 6th Grade Camp Experience! Students became Stream Team  Detectives with Geauga Soil and Water Conservation District in a Chagrin River tributary at Camp Hiram House. By searching for aquatic critters living in the stream,  students were able to assess the health and water quality of the stream.

Anthony Walker shows the salamander he found while being a “Stream Team Detective” with Geauga SWCD at Camp Hiram House.
Xion Malensek (left) and Hazel Runion (right) work cooperatively to collect and identify aquatic organisms.
After finding salamander eggs under a rock, Maddox Fuentes poses for a quick photo before carefully returning them to the stream (and their guarding mom).


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