Biking With the Bats


Check off one of your activities for Geauga County Public Library’s Geauga W.O.R.K. Out program with a bat-themed bike ride along The Maple Highlands Trail!

Biking with the Bats will take place Thursday, June 18, from 8 to 9:30 p.m. at Mountain Run Station, 12601 Chardon-Windsor Road, Hambden Twp.

With its woodlands and wetlands, The Maple Highlands Trail corridor provides a very nice bat habitat. Bring your bike and enjoy a leisurely 10-mile ride from Mountain Run Station to Stillwell Road and back, making stops at various locations where a bat detector device will be used to identify bat species in flight by amplifying the frequency of their echo-location signals.

Registration is not required for the ride and the event is recommended for those who are school age and older. Activities will only be cancelled by rain.

Geauga W.O.R.K. (Walk, Observe, Read, Know) Out is an incentive program by Geauga County Public Library, Geauga Park District and University Hospitals designed to get you moving, both physically and mentally, from May through September 11. Anyone older than 12 years old can participate for free! Learn more at or your local branch of Geauga County Public Library.

June is also “Connect with Activity” month at Geauga Park District – make this unique trip one of your connections!

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