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Geauga Park District
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(440) 285-9516 or (800) 536-4006
9160 Robinson Road Chardon, Ohio 44024
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Geauga Park District
The mission of Geauga Park District is to preserve, conserve and protect the natural features of Geauga County and to provide the opportunity for people to enjoy and appreciate those resources.
The quality of life in Geauga County is inextricably linked to clean air, clean water, and open space.
The same natural features that attracted westward-bound pioneers continue to exist in parts of the County today, making the area equally attractive to homeowners seeking a haven from the pressures of the modern world.
Since 1961, Geauga Park District has worked to ensure that the most delicate ecosystems and the best park sites in the region remain protected from development while providing county residents the opportunity to enjoy the out-of-doors in a safe and wholesome atmosphere. From woodlands to wetlands, meadows and gently burbling streams, Geauga Park District now manages nearly 9,500 acres in 19 open parks, other preserves and future parks.
Amenities are provided on a small percentage of the land for passive recreational use, providing the opportunity for residents to enjoy the natural resources of the parks without diminishing their quality for future visitors. Hikers appreciate Geauga Park District’s extensive network of trails, enabling visitors to learn more about native plant and animal life. Programs offered by Geauga Park District are designed to increase the public’s knowledge of the natural and cultural heritage of the county.


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