Cardinal Local Schools Confident Water is Safe

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The Cardinal Local School District has fielded several calls over the last week regarding lead levels in our water. With recent news stories regarding elevated lead levels found in other area schools and communities we can certainly understand the concern for the students in our District.

The water provided in our District’s schools comes from a facility maintained, monitored, and serviced by the Village of Middlefield’s Water Department. Our own Maintenance department has been in contact with the Village regarding the Water Department’s lead testing and monitoring practices and the District can report, with confidence, that the drinking water is safe and meets all EPA standards.

According to information found on the Village of Middlefield’s website, the Water Department samples water drawn from the aquifer to the treatment plant twice a year for numerous contaminants, including lead. The department also tests for lead in 10 different households once every three years, per EPA requirements. The homes selected are most likely to have lead plumbing and fixtures due to their age.

Water sample results taken from the aquifer in September of 2015 came back as non-detectable or zero. Of the results taken from homes during the same time frame, nine came back as non-detectable or zero, and one came back at 2 parts per billion. The United States EPA has established the action level for lead in drinking water at 15 parts per billion. The Village results are well below this threshold and well within standards.

The Cardinal Local School District will continue to be in contact with the Village of Middlefield, as warranted, for water testing results. Should there be a need to alert the public to any concerns within our schools, we will do so. Please rest assured, that right now, our water is safe.

Should you have any questions or concerns please call the Board Office at 632-0261.

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