Chagrin Falls Basketball Team Travels to Cheer on Alum

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On Sunday, Jan. 24, the Chagrin Falls eighth grade basketball team took a road trip to Ann Arbor, Michigan, to cheer on Chagrin Falls Alumna Hallie Thome.

Thome, who graduated from Chagrin Falls High School in 2015, was a basketball star at Chagrin Falls and was named’s Girls Basketball Player of the Year in 2015 among so many other accolades. After the eighth grade girl’s basketball team won their end-of the season tournament, they decided to go cheer on Thome in her game against Nebraska.

The moms loaded up their minivans, which were painted with “Go Blue,” “Wolverines,” and “Chagrin Hearts Hallie #30,” and headed to Ann Arbor. Unfortunately, Michigan lost to Nebraska but Hallie played well scoring 24 points and having three rebounds. After the game, Thome took time to talk to the girls, hug them and thank them all for coming to support her.

“It was such a wonderful experience for our girls to get to see someone they have watched play for years to be on such a big stage and to be doing so well,” said eighth grade basketball mom Maggie Kwasny.

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