Chardon Community Action Team Awards Scholarships

CHARDON, OHIO – The Chardon Community Action Team (CCAT) is pleased to announce that we have awarded scholarships to Chardon graduates Campbell Tierney, Jacob Stephans, and James Granger. The scholarships were awarded at the end of the school year during the Senior Awards Night, which is held each year.


CCAT works in our community to reduce the use of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs among our youth through education and drug free activities. Every year the Chardon Community Action Team sponsors several events such as our annual fundraiser, which makes this scholarship possible. 


CCAT was pleased to review appellations from many applicants who have chosen to grow up without the influence of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco in their lives. Each applicant not only met all scholarship criteria, but exceeded them.


“Congratulations to each and every one of the applicants who applied for and exceed our scholarship criteria,” said Lyn Kempf Vice President of CCAT. “It is truly a great thing to see so many youths choosing to live a healthy life.”


Geauga News
Author: Geauga News