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Geauga County is famous for its generations of furniture craftsmen in the Amish community. People travel miles and miles just to add the warmth and beauty of an original handmade piece of Amish furniture to their homes. No modern manufactured cut-out could ever replace the quality and artistic value of a hand-crafted piece of oak, cherry, hickory, or maple furniture set. They become heirlooms, passed from one generation to the next, embedded with the stories handed down along with them.

 John Kuhns, along with daughter and son-in-law Barbara and Raymond, are the proud owners of one of these fine furniture stores on Nauvoo Road in Middlefield. As with most businesses, Country Side Furnishings also has a ‘beginnings’ tale to tell. This one rings of triumph through tragedy.


“The idea of having a furniture store was something I had in the back of my mind for years but never thought it would happen,” begins John, “until my son John Jr., who owned a construction business, was diagnosed with cancer; so he was looking for something that was not quite as strenuous. My wife suggested we start a store and go partners with him. After several years and recovered from surgery, he wanted to go back to construction, so my daughter Barbara and her husband Raymond Yoder became partners.”


You will not find any carbon copies in this store! “Our store is different in that we have all handcrafted furniture for everything in the home and office, home décor, etc..” says John. “The furniture you choose can be made in whatever wood, style, and stain you choose.”


Country Side Furnishings carries many types of pieces; Country, Mission, Shaker, Queen Anne, Charles Schneider, and contemporary furniture to fit any personal taste. They specialize in many unique styles, including the Wraparound Bedroom, and offer a wide variety of dining room tables with hutches, entertainment centers, occasional chairs, home office furnishings, and children’s furniture. “You can pick from our stock or custom order any of your furniture needs. Pick up or delivery can be arranged for all orders.”

Country Side also has on display unique artistic paintings and prints by Dan L. Miller as well as original gifts and wall hangings from Byler Scroll Works. Many are one-of-a-kind originals and will enhance your personal style for years to come. “We also feature a large selection of wooden crafts, toys, and accent pieces.”

Next time you are near Nauvoo Road, you would do yourself a great favor by visiting Country Side Furnishings and discover what quality looks, feels, and even smells like! Perhaps you will find the perfect gift for that loved one who has everything or a unique toy for a child that will actually survive through all of the children! At the very least, you will have upped your standards for what is considered a fine furniture store.


Country Side Furnishings
16400 Nauvoo Rd
Middlefield, OH 44062

*updated 11-22-13

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