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Cuyahoga Title Services, Ltd. is a full service real estate title insurance and escrow closing company. They provide Full Title and Escrow services by competent and experienced staff who have been serving the Ohio area for over 30 years.

While their main office is located in Cleveland, Cuyahoga Title is owned by a long time Geauga County-resident, and they provide title services throughout all Counties of Ohio. 

Title insurance is different from all other types of insurance coverage. It protects you against events that occurred before the policy was purchased as long as the title defect was not discovered at the time of the title search, whereas property, casualty, life and health insurance policies protect you against events that occur after you purchase the policy.

They firmly believe that the communication and customer care they provide to everyone involved in the transaction process is the reason people choose Cuyahoga Title Services. Their on-staff attorneys are available to provide services dealing with real estate, 1031 Exchange, Probate, Multi Housing, etc.

They will personally ensure a smooth transaction by keeping you informed every step of the way.

Cuyahoga Title Services assists clients in every step of real estate transactions such as:

  • Escrow closing services
  • On-staff attorneys
  • Title Examinations
  • Title Insurance Policies

Their team of dedicated professionals is here for you, from start to finish of your real estate transaction. They’d love to visit with you. Give them a call at 216-520-1464.

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Cuyahoga Title Services, Ltd.
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