Do You Drink That Decaf Stuff?

Here’s my problem: I love coffee and I would like to drink it all day long. I used to do just that a few years back when I worked in Chicago. I would make 12 cups in the morning and polish off that pot by myself before one o’clock. Yes, I did have quite the caffeine buzz going on! But I tend to do things in extreme ways.

Just the other day at a Geauga County Tourism board meeting, my good friend Lynda offered me coffee, which I was very happy to accept since I was feeling a bit drowsy by that point in the day. As I sat down and started to enjoy my coffee, she unfortunately told me that it was decaf coffee with a single scoop of some regular coffee! Man, that really disappointed me! I don’t want that weak fake brown water!

I actually don’t mind decaf conceptually, the problem is that I don’t want to know if I am drinking decaf. Coffee is such a romantic experience for me, that I don’t want to think I am getting cheated out of the full experience.

Brewing that first cup, sitting down and wrapping my hands around my cup, feeling that warmth and magic soak into my hands, and finally taking that first sip is such a wonderful experience that I don’t want to mess it up. There is such a ritual involved, and since I am finally realizing that I am someone who likes to do the same things consistently, it’s hard for me to change it up and drink the weak stuff.

I am, however, recovering from my excessive coffee drinking addiction, so that’s good news! I only drink one cup in the morning now, and since my business partner Rachel is now drinking decaf all the time, I think that I could convince myself to change up my routine if I had to. I could drink decaf.

Many times for health reasons we have to change our normal eating habits. I am very thankful that if I have to change to decaf in the future, I’ll be able to still enjoy my coffee.

I love coffee. How about you? Share your stories in the comments below.

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