Do You Like Your Coffee Hot or Do You Like It Cold?

Last week I shared with you that I think coffee is one of the magical forces of this world. So this week we are exploring the question: Do you like it hot? Or do you like it cold?

I know for me, I have thoroughly enjoyed hot coffee in the morning for years. It doesn’t matter if it’s going to be a 97 degree July day in the heat of summer or a negative 14 degrees in winter. The warming effect is something I always enjoy from a hot cup of coffee. It wakes me up, gets me moving, and helps me think. It’s wonderful.

I will, however, say that through the influence of my younger brothers (I have five of them), I have been drawn into the iced coffee generation. They started getting these iced espresso, mocha, triple shot, this-will-make-your-heart-beat-out-of-your-chest, with whipped cream and a cherry drinks from Starbucks a couple summers ago. After getting them at Starbucks, they got Sue at Coffee Corners in Burton to start making these crazy cold drinks when they visited her shop, too. And before you know it, I was trying one myself.

Coffee Corners

Now, I will say, that for me, nothing will ever replace the wonders of a hot cup of coffee, BUT these iced wonders do certainly have their place. They are refreshing and cool and sweet and they really do hit the spot.

I like to take a big long sip, and let the coffee and ice and whipped cream and deliciousness melt inside my mouth. It’s such a glorious moment……. and then…..

OUCH OUCH OUCH!!! I always get brain freezes. They hurt so bad!

Have you ever gotten one of those from eating something cold too fast? It’s the worst! No matter what I do, I always get a brain freeze when I try to get an iced coffee, so even though iced coffee is the second best invention, next to hot coffee, I have resigned myself to the fact that I can only enjoy them once in a while in very small amounts. I’ve finally found that the bottled iced coffee from Starbucks is usually my best bet!

I love my coffee, mostly hot, but sometimes cold too. How do you like your coffee?

And how do I get rid of those wicked brain freezes? Please do share!

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