Fair Housing Resource Center Announces Homebuyer Education/ Financial Literacy Program

Fair Housing Resource Center Inc. is proud to announce the creation of a new housing program to help foster, preserve, and inspire Homeownership and Financial Literacy thought Northeast Ohio.


The program, which is slated to go live on 5/18/2022, will provide a slew of benefits to would-be home buyers, current homeowners, and individuals seeking to improve their understanding of the complex world of personal finance. Program highlights include


  • Individualized home pre-purchase classes sponsored by OHFA (The Ohio Finance Agency).
  • Homeownership preservation counseling, intended for individuals who are struggling to stay current with their mortgage.
  • Homebuyer education classes, offered in a group setting for individuals who are seeking to learn the ABCs of the home buying process.
  •  A comprehensive Financial Literacy course consisting of Budget Counseling and Credit Counseling.
  • Money management training intended for individuals and families who are looking to improve their financial capabilities.   


For more information and to schedule a class please visit www.FHRC.org or call our office directly at (440)392-0147 to reach one of our licensed counselors.


The agency is proud to provide a vast array of services to the community to help foster, preserve, and inspire Homeownership and Financial literacy and looks forward to many more decades of service in the community.


Geauga News
Author: Geauga News