Fun Easter Crafts

Easter drawing

With pastel colors all over and spring in the air, Easter is a fun time for kids. Spring also serves as a perfect time for fun crafts and Easter projects! Check out these awesome projects and make plans to bond with your kids over fun Easter crafts!

Fuzzy Bunny Paper Plate  

This fun craft is super easy! All you need for this one is a paper plate, some cotton balls, construction paper, different colored pipe cleaners, glue, and googly eyes from the craft store. The paper plate will, of course, act as the bunny’s head. Glue some cotton balls all over the paper plate to make the head fuzzy. Cut some bunny ears out of construction paper and glue them onto the paper plate “head” in the appropriate places. Cut a bunny nose out of construction paper and glue it near the center of the bunny head. Place the googly eyes in the appropriate places. Make some whiskers out of the pipe cleaners and glue them around the nose. Make some mouth lines from the pipe cleaners and glue them into the appropriate place under the nose. For that additional cuteness factor, cut a bowtie out of the construction paper and glue that onto the paper plate under the bunny’s chin. Now you have a cute little door or fridge decoration for Easter!

Bunny and Chick Fingerprint Craft

These cute little fingerprint Easter Bunnies and Chicks made from fingerprints are a great way to create Easter cards for friends and relatives, or to decorate the family fridge for Easter. All you need to do is get some ink pads of varying Easter colors. Have the kids place their thumbs in the inkpads and make thumbprints on construction paper. Repeat that process with each finger. Use a permanent marker to create a bunny out of the thumbprint and make chicks out of the fingerprints. Now print an Easter greeting on each card and you have personalized cards for your guests or Easter fridge art!

Easter Village Craft

This craft is incredibly easy. All you need are cardboard beverage cartons of varying sizes. Paint the cartons with various fun Easter colors, and then allow them to dry. Cut some window and door shapes out of construction paper and glue the doors and windows onto the now painted houses.

Easter is a great time of the year for both adults and children. Be sure to make some fun Easter crafts and spend some quality one-on-one time with your child! Happy Easter!

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