Geauga Co. Library Has Highest Per-Capita Circulation of All 88 Counties!

As Presidents of the Friends of the Library throughout Geauga County, we are thrilled to assist with the celebration of the library system’s fiftieth anniversary this year. We are proudly wearing our tie-dye t-shirts with the new library logo as we celebrate the anniversary throughout Geauga County.

Our Director, Deborah O’Connor, says that Geauga County Public Library is blessed to have seven different Friends of the Library groups supporting each library outlet and the Bookmobile. While each of our groups has its own personality and activities, we all share a passion for our library system, our local library, and helping to provide excellent service to all who use the libraries. Whether we are holding used book sales, assisting with programs in the libraries, supporting children’s reading, or purchasing items for use in the libraries, we are pleased to be responsive to the needs of each individual library in the system.

We encourage others to consider joining the Friends of the Library by visiting the library’s website and clicking on “Locations.” Under each individual library is information about our local Friends group and how to join us.

During this celebration year, marking a half century of a unified library system in Geauga, we are thrilled to report that Geauga County continues to have the highest per-capita circulation of all 88 counties in Ohio and that our Bookmobile is the most heavily used in the state as well.

Join us as we celebrate our history and our future!


Peter Bongiovanni, President, Bainbridge Friends of the Library
Peggy Reblin, President, Bookmobile Friends of the Library
Betty Wallis, President, Chardon Friends of the Library
Hope Merryfield, President, East Geauga (Middlefield)’Friends of the Library
Mary Ann Moczulski, President, Geauga West Friends of the Library
Ellen Gilbert, President, Newbury Friends of the Library
Audrey Kerr, President, Thompson-Montville Friends of the Library

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Author: Geauga News