Women Over 30 on a Journey to AMAZING!

The same story gets played over and over.  Goals are made, priorities are set, but somehow the craziness of juggling career, family, life in general distracts us and things get off-kilter.  In trying to be our best selves in our professional and personal lives one thing…THE ONE THING that is necessary to perform at a … Read more

Home Ready for an Update? For a BIG, beautiful impact that’s also a great investment look to local, family-owned Burton Carpet and Flooring.

When you’re a homeowner, you know that your house is always in need of some kind of upgrade. Perhaps the outside needs a new coat of paint, or maybe it’s past time for you to remodel your bathroom. One of the most beneficial and noticeable upgrades, however, is your flooring. Many homeowners don’t pay much … Read more

A Kid at Art for the Heart – Where Young Children find Art, Infinite Possibilities and “YES!” in a “NO” World

Art is not about getting it “right.” It’s about creating and possibilities. Infinite Possibilities. It’s about Yes. Cathi Mezzopera, Founder and Director of A Kid at Art For the Heart™ provides fun and engaging art classes to her young preschool students, and in so doing empowers them to believe in themselves and to know that … Read more

Tim Frank Septic – The Problem Solvers!

440-636-5111 | TimFrankSeptic.com If you’ve been in Geauga County for more than a few months, you’ve probably seen the big red trucks, or heard the name before. Tim Frank Septic Cleaning Company is one of the finest companies you can work with, and it’s obvious why they have had the staying power to serve their community for over … Read more

Introducing Local Business Spotlight

We are excited to introduce our newest section, Local Business Spotlight where we will be sharing with you some of our wonderful local businesses. Some are long-timers and well known, others are up and coming new providers. All strive to be the best source of their product or service to our community.

Want your business to be included in Local Business Spotlight?

If you are a local business owner or if you know one who would like to be featured in our Local Business Spotlight, please contact us with your business information so that we can set up an interview and learn more about your business. We bring our community fair and honest reviews that can accurately represent your business.