Geauga News Ad Control Panel Instructions

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1. Go to
2. Log in with your email address and the password we have sent you.

adbutler loginpage

3. After you log in, this is what will appear. On the left, you will see Account Settings and Statistics (Advertiser).
Click on the Statistics (Advertiser)

adbutler page2

4. Under your business name, you will see header and sidebar. These are the places your ads are running on Geauga News. You can click on either of them to see their statistics individually.

adbuttler page4

5. After you click header, you will see stats for the ad placed at the top of Geauga News. It will show views, clicks, CTRs (click through rates), and Conv. (conversion) for the range and frequency you select at the top of the page. The CTR is calculated by taking the number of times your ad is shown and dividing it by the number of times someone clicks it through to visit your site. Your conversion rate is calculated by dividing the number of visitors to your site by the number of sales for that given month, which you would calculate on your own and only applies to online sales or sales you can trace directly to your online advertising. Remember – there can never be enough emphasis placed on branding your business as a means of generating sales, so view count is highly important. (see attached letter)
If you click sidebar, you will see your stats for your ad placed on the right side of Geauga News.

adbutler page5