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Summer fun often includes summer parties, and parties, unfortunately, can include overdoing it on too many foods and drinks which don’t always sit right in our tummies! It’s nice to have a little back-up formula ready for those times…just in case that happens. It’s also nice to know that the same formula, when taken regularly, can actually help prevent those times from happening in the first place! And if that formula is all natural, able to be taken by both adults and children safely, then it should be sitting on your shelf!

Hebron USA has a fantastic all natural product, Florax DS, that will help you maintain your body’s proper balance of digestive bacteria through the use of probiotics. Probiotics have been proven time and again to promote healthy digestion.

Florax DS

“Florax DS is a great product. I have been taking it once a week for more than a year now. It has balanced my digestive system and boosted my immune health. I haven’t been sick in more than a year. Best probiotic out there!” ~Mary S. from Ohio

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Florax DS™ is a probiotic that delivers live cultures in a unique liquid suspension. The easy ready-to-drink formula starts working right away, delivering live cultures immediately and relieving symptoms. Cramps, bloating, diarrhea are all quickly alleviated. Florax DS also helps naturally support the immune system.

Hebron USA uses time-tested, traditional remedies created from natural ingredients to produce safe, effective products that provide relief for a variety of conditions.

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