Giggles ‘n Stitches 4-H Club starts their 2021 Year

By: Emma Parker, Club News Reporter

The Giggles ‘n Stitches 4-H Club has started their 2021 year. The Club is run by lead advisor Julia Wood, as well as other advisors, Lisa Hernandez and Miranda Skitzki. The club had their first in person meeting of the year on April 24th since being online throughout the past year.

An important event held by the club at their May 26th meeting was the election of the new 2021 officers. Returning from last year, we had President Emily Tessean, Vice President Samantha Sunderhaft, Treasurer Rebecca Zallar and Secretary Mary Jo Hernandez. The club is also lucky to have elected Mary Kit Murray as Junior Treasurer, Dorothy Hernandez as Junior Secretary, Emma Parker as News Reporter, Helena Haar and Margaret Zallar as Health and Safety Officers, Rebecca Turpin as Hospitality Coordinator and Calla Haar and Sarah Turpin as Historians.

The Club also had their yearly field trip to JoAnn Fabrics on May 8th at the Hudson location. Each member went and picked up all the supplies they needed, including fabrics, patterns, thread and whatever else they needed to complete their projects. The advisors and the officers were also there to help any member needing assistance.

The Club was able to hold their first in person sewing meeting on May 26th at Adam Hall. Auburn Township graciously allows the club to use the Hall as their sewing and meeting space.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Giggles ‘n Stitches 4-H Club or Geauga County 4-H, please contact the Geauga County Extension office at 440-843-4656.

Pictured in cover photo: Back row from left to right: Calla Haar, Helena Haar, Emma Parker, Mary Kit Murray, Margaret Zallar. Front row from left to right: Emily Tessean, Samantha Sunderhaft, Mary Jo Hernandez and Rebecca Zallar. Not pictured: Dorothy Hernandez, Sarah Turpin and Rebecca Turpin.

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