Grizzly Services: A Modern Day American Dream Story

“I always ‘dreamed’ of owning my own business. Never really expected it to come true.”~ Josh Kulesza, Owner, Grizzly Landscaping, LLC

Many of us grew up in the generation that believed in the American Dream. To us, the Dream meant financial independence and home ownership. It meant we could go out and pursue our desired choice of employment and with perseverance, determination, and a work ethic that would plow through anything, we could even own our own business if we wanted to.

Though the definition of the American Dream has undergone changes within the last two generations, one thing remains the same. There is nothing that compares to the feeling one experiences when he can step back and look at the fully realized manifestation of the product or service he has created with his own hands, built from the ground up. It’s something that many want, but only a few actually achieve.

Josh Kulesza is one of the few. And from the ground up is quite literal! His company, Grizzly Services, has its beginnings in lawn care.

“I started this business from scratch with a couple of business cards, Josh’s Lawn Care, in high school,” says Josh. “I built clientele and stuck with it.”

Josh has been doing landscape work for as long as he can remember. “I’ve always been that kid cutting my grandparents’ grass, and I started taking pride in the finished product and continued my journey in this business. I’ve worked at golf courses and have done tons of designer work with a friend of mine with whom I still do a lot of work.”

It’s been three years now, and Grizzly Services has come a long way from being just a lawn care business. No surprise with Josh at the helm. His passion for what he does and his eagerness to please his clientele is the driving force behind his success. Just spend a few minutes talking to him – this guy is a go-getter!

Grizzly Services

“I’ve always been the type of guy that likes to be in charge and be a leader. Whether it was in sports, school, or work. I like having control of my own business, my own hours and schedule, and being able to go above and beyond if I want to. That’s the most rewarding thing to this world of business.”

I added the emphasis because it’s so refreshing to meet a young business owner who truly understands that leading means serving others to the best of your ability. “I tend to be on every job site doing as much work as I can by myself then bringing workers in to do labor. Now that I am expanding, I plan on having a crew by themselves and a crew with me,” says Josh, who will continue to give careful oversight of all his work.

“I always focus on being more than just a service to my customers. Being a friend and having a good relationship with them is just as important to me as the quality work,” he says. When I asked him what ‘good enough’ meant to him, he responded, “Good enough for me is seeing a positive reaction out of all my clientele. Smiles, happiness, and compliments are always a good sign from my customers.”

Grizzly Services now has clients in Geauga, Portage, and Summit counties and occasionally takes on work outside the area. Services offered (though not limited to) include:


  • design work from creating plans to completion
  • designer cuts
  • trimming
  • hardscape
  • fertilization
  • mulching
  • fall & spring clean up & more


  • gutter cleaning
  • tree removal
  • land clearing

Snow & Ice Control

Summer Tent Rentals

  • delivery, set up & pick up
  • includes chairs & banquet tables

Grizzly Services

Free estimates are offered on all services.

Regardless of the generation you belong to, Josh’s goal for Grizzly Services is one which should be included in everyone’s definition of the American Dream. That goal? “I’d like to be able to say that the quality of our work, the dedication, and our reputation is what makes us stand out.” To be good enough for Josh means to be excellent at what he does.

He certainly appears to be on the right track!

Grizzly Services

“You guys did a great job on our yard.. looking forward to having a nice looking yard all summer THANKS!!!!” ~ Hoppi H.

Spring is near! That means lots of yard clean up, the beginning of lawn care, and outdoor parties! Give Josh a call and get your free estimate on all your lawn care and outdoor maintenance needs. And when it’s time for the graduation celebration or other outdoor events, remember they have you ‘covered’ for those as well!

“ We bring out the potential of your home or business.”

Grizzly Services, LLC
4843 Hillcrest Drive
Mantua, Ohio 44255

(330) 569-4957

Grizzly Services LLC

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