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Eating healthy takes time.

One of the biggest comments I get when it comes to eating healthy is how expensive it is to do so. I certainly feel the crunch when it comes to feeding four growing boys. It can be a challenge, not only financially, but also from a time perspective. It simply takes time to eat healthy. With the new school year getting ready to start, I thought this would be a great subject for discussion. Packing healthy lunches for families is a challenge. I have some suggestions for you to try, but I’d also like to hear from you. What do you do to make lunches a little healthier for yourself or your children? What questions do you have about nutrition? Do you know what your child’s nutritional needs are?

One suggestion I have would be to add water instead of a soda or fruit juice to your lunches. This change might produce some resistance, but is well worth it. Did you know that dehydration can cause lethargy and irritability in adults and children? My boys only get the option of water in their lunches. They drink it all and are still thirsty when they come home from school. Adding water is one very simple change you could make and is essential to optimal health!


Another suggestion I have is to add a fruit or veggie to lunchtime. This does not have to be expensive. We have the luxury in Geauga County to buy local. Fruits and veggies from your local farmer are usually cheaper and better. I only buy fruit that is in season. During the winter months, I buy canned fruit that is on sale or we eat a lot of apples and bananas.

One other area to talk about is convenience foods. This is a tough one, I know! However, they can be more expensive and are usually nutritionally void. If you take the time to prepare some food for lunches, you will find that you saved money and have a much healthier lunch.

Let me know what you do to make lunches healthier and more affordable. A great resource for information is This website has lots of great ideas on how to add healthy choices to your meals. Let it be a goal with the new school year to add water and a fruit to your families’ lunches. I look forward to hearing your ideas and questions!

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Lisa Minnick
Author: Lisa Minnick

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