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“Many Americans, nearly 40 percent, use health care approaches developed outside of mainstream Western, or conventional, medicine for specific conditions or overall well-being”. ~National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM)

More than ever before, people are taking responsibility for their health and well being and searching out a natural, less invasive route of achieving wellness.

Wellness is far more than just freedom from disease. We all know people who do not have cancer, but are far from well! The World Health Organization defines wellness as:

“…a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life which encompasses a process of change and growth.

ReneeRenee Shott is one of the 40 percent who has experienced the effectiveness of some of these alternative practices. In fact, she found it to be so helpful she changed her course of life to accommodate her new passion to help others enjoy the same opportunity to pursue wellness!

Kneading the Way to Wellness

From serving customers cakes and baked goods to serving clients curative holistic alternatives, Renee has always had an interest in helping others. But it was after she had her own child when she realized just how deep that passion was for helping people enter into the world of natural healing practices.

We never know in which direction life is going to take us or how two seemingly very different occupations can tie in together. Baking was the perfect prep school for Renee!

“Before I opened Meadowbrook Natural Wellness, I worked as a licensed massage therapist (LMT) at chiropractic offices, health clubs, day spas, and a massage studio offering massage therapy, Reiki, and classes,” shares Renee. “I have a background in baking and was a cake decorator and baker for 12 years, which I often joke about, ‘going from kneading bread to kneading bodies.’ I do feel that working in the bakery has helped me gain strength and steadiness in my hands which make for a great massage!”

Renee had begun receiving regular massages and Reiki treatments to improve her own health in 2007. “I was amazed at how great I felt and how it helped in so many aspects of my life!” This led to a desire to share that same wellness experience with others.

Renee is a 2009 graduate of The National Institute of Massotherapy, and licensed through The State Medical Board of Ohio. She holds certificates in Reiki Natural Healing from Reiki Rays of Hope and is currently continuing her education to become a Natural Health Practitioner through New Eden School of Natural Health and Herbal Studies.

“It brings me such happiness to see how my services make a difference in someone else’s life whether it is by reducing their stress, providing pain relief, getting them ready for a marathon or other sporting event, or all of the above!”

It was after Renee moved to Geauga County when the dream of opening her own business became a reality. “Upon moving here, I instantly fell in love with the beautiful fields, farms, and rich history of my town. I knew I had to become an active part of the community,” she explains. She understands the importance of supporting local small businesses and is very excited to live in a community where there is opportunity to get to know other small business owners and discuss the possibility of teaming up with those businesses to help promote each other. Ask her about how Meadowbrook Natural Wellness can provide chair massage at your next special event or open house!

Reiki, Reflexology, Raindrops and Massage…ahhhh

Meadowbrook offers a number of avenues through which you can pursue health and wellness, several of which are listed here.

reikiReiki Energy Balancing
Reiki is a natural healing technique which uses a gentle laying on of hands. The Reiki practitioner applies a very light touch while channeling universal life force energy to the recipient. A Reiki session is deeply relaxing and creates a sense of wellbeing. Oftentimes, the energy can be felt moving throughout the body. The recipient remains fully clothed, and the session is usually experienced as a feeling of profound warmth and comfort. Many clients often fall asleep during the session. Wonderful and safe for everyone, children respond especially well to a Reiki session. Reiki is not a massage, however, it can be added to a massage session if you like. Reiki does not replace traditional medicine, but adds another piece to the treatment process. In fact, many medical facilities, hospices, cancer treatment centers, and physicians are now referring or offering this beautiful alternative healing treatment. Reiki is recognized by The Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals.

Enjoy 30-60 minutes spent focused on your feet, hands, and ears. Ticklish? Not to worry! This is a very calm and relaxing treatment using gentle, yet firm pressure to help relax the body and promote better circulation, alleviate sinus pressure, and stimulate your body’s vital organs. Please let your therapist know if you are pregnant, or suffer from foot ulcers or blood clots, as this particular treatment may not be suitable for everyone. We care about your wellbeing.

Raindrop Technique
This soon to come application technique was developed by D. Gary Young, Aromatologist. This particular technique involves dropping 100% pure essential oils directly on the spine and working them into the spine and feet to help bring balance to the body and energy centers. The session lasts about an hour, but the oils will continue to work for a week or longer following the treatment. Multiple treatments are recommended for best results. Ask about special package pricing.

therapeuticTherapeutic Massage
This is a unique blend of therapy, Swedish relaxation massage, sports massage, and passive stretching. Ideal for those suffering from pain/injury, stress, or pre/post-surgical, each session is customized for the individual client and their needs for that particular session. While this particular style of massage is often referred to as medical massage or deep tissue, pressure can always be adjusted to your level of comfort.

Other services include Hot Stone Massage, Cold Stone Migraine Relief, Prenatal Massage, and Aromatherapy. See their website for more details about these techniques as well as prices for those listed above.

Take a Class!

What a great way to introduce yourself to these effective forms of healing! Or, if you are already familiar, then delve into them further. Either way, these classes provide something new and interesting for all who prefer the alternative medical route. Classes offered include Reiki I and II, Massage Instruction, and Introduction to Everyday Essential Oils.

Couples massage class is for two. Reiki workshops are for 2-8 people unless specified otherwise. Details, prices, and times can be found on the website.

Take advantage of a FREE Introduction to Young Living Essential Oils class on October 18 from 1-3 pm.

essential oil workshop

Renee is also excited about offering open discussion nights. “I hope to invite local area naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and other like-minded professionals where the community can benefit from a broader understanding of natural health and how it can help their families. I am hoping to add additional massage therapists, Reiki practitioners, aromatherapists, and reflexologists as the business grows. If you or someone you know is interested in being a guest speaker, please contact us!”

Share Your Experience

Renee would love to have you share your experience with her Facebook readers. Please take a minute and add your review to her page by clicking HERE.

If you have any questions about the services offered through Meadowbrook Natural Wellness and would like to know a little more before scheduling an appointment, contact them at 216.210.3368 or by email at meadowbrook.naturalwellness@yahoo.com. You can easily book appointments online using their Bookfresh link on the home page of her website. Gift certificates are also available by calling ahead.

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